41 problems with iOS 7.1, and how to fix them



Every new operating system has its issues and Apple’s iOS 7 is certainly no exception. We’ve seen a multitude of bug reports rolling in and, while many people have updated successfully, there’s no shortage of people encountering glitches or even major problems. We discussed how to prepare for and download iOS 7, and we’ve suggested some helpful iOS 7 tips and tricks, now it’s time to review some common iOS 7.1 (and iOS 7.0) problems and, where possible, identify solutions. We’ll refer to the iPhone throughout the article, but the majority of the problems and fixes will apply to the iPad and iPod Touch as well.

Updated on 3-19-2014 by Simon Hill: Apple’s iOS 7.1 update offers some snazzy new features and some welcome bug fixes. CarPlay tops the bill of iOS 7.1 features, but it’s not all peaches and cream. It seems there are some iOS 7.1 problems that might spoil your day. We’ve added them in and pushed iOS 7.0 problems back to page 2, though they may still affect those who’ve upgraded.

Here are the iOS 7.1 issues we’re hearing about with some advice on how to deal with them.

Problem: Rapid battery drain

iPhone Battery LifeThis was an issue for a lot of people when the original iOS 7 update rolled out, but after updating to iOS 7.1 many users are reporting serious battery drain. Updated iPhones and iPads are proving slightly more power hungry than before for most people, but a few owners have encountered unusually rapid drops, with claims that as much as 50 percent of the battery life is disappearing within an hour, and that the remaining juice is draining away unusually quickly even when the device is not in use. There are various things worth trying.


Potential fixes:

Glitch: Freezing and lag

A few people have run into an issue where the screen just freezes for a few seconds. It will just be entirely unresponsive at apparently random intervals and then start working again without any obvious cause. Sometimes it happens when opening or closing an app, or it may occur when a notification comes in. There’s a chance this is linked to a specific app, so keep an eye on what’s running.


Potential fixes:

Problem: Touch ID not working

iPhone 5S Touch IDThe iOS 7.1 update was supposed to improve the Touch ID feature, but for many users it seems to have broken it. Some people are reporting that Touch ID is now working much better for them, but others are struggling to get it to work at all after the update.

Potential fixes:

  1. Head into Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and make sure that iPhone Unlock is still on. Try turning it off and on again.
  2. Try going into Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and then tap on each fingerprint listed and choose Delete Fingerprint. When they’re all deleted, try Add a Fingerprint to set it up again. Make sure that the Home button and your hands are clean.
  3. If that didn’t work, fire up iTunes on your computer and attach your iPhone 5S to try a restore. Choose your device in iTunes and click Restore iPhone … then work through the instructions. You can use iCloud instead, just make sure you have a recent backup first in Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup then go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings and when you set up your iPhone 5S again choose Restore from a Backup and sign in to iCloud to choose the backup you want.
  4. Your last option is to take it into an Apple Store and show them the problem.

Bug: Wi-Fi not working or unavailable

We’re not surprised to see people encountering Wi-Fi issues after the iOS 7.1 update; this seems like a common complaint every time there’s a new platform version. Some people are finding that previously good Wi-Fi connections are now a bit flaky, others are reporting that Wi-Fi is completely unavailable and they can’t connect at all.

Potential fixes:

  1. Try switching Airplane mode on for 30 seconds or so, then turn it off and try connecting to Wi-Fi again.
  2. Try holding down the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button until your device restarts.
  3. Turn your router off for 30 seconds and then switch it on again.
  4. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and then set up your Wi-Fi network again from scratch.
  5. Try changing the channel on your router and check the rest of the settings.
  6. Make sure that your router firmware is up to date.
  7. Try a factory reset of your iPad or iPhone.

Problem: Bluetooth not working properly

apple iphone 5c control center

Here’s another common problem that also cropped up when iOS 7 came out. If you’ve been having trouble getting Bluetooth devices to connect properly, or your Bluetooth streaming has been choppy then you’re not alone.

Potential fixes:

  1. Start by holding down the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button until your device restarts.
  2. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and then set up your Bluetooth pairings again.
  3. Check the manual for your Bluetooth device. Is there a pairing button? Can you delete the saved pairings? Is there a firmware update?
  4. Try a factory reset of your iOS device.

Glitch: Keyboard lag

Quite a few people have been reporting a significant lag on the keyboard when they type on their iPad or iPhone after the iOS 7.1 update. Luckily there’s an easy fix for this one.


Problem: Full screen caller photo gone

A lot of people are complaining that the full screen caller photo has been replaced in iOS 7.1 with a grey screen that has a photo of the contact in a small circle. This means it’s harder to see who is calling at a glance.

Potential fix:

Sadly there’s no way to get the full screen caller photos back right now, but a lot of people are complaining online and you can join them by submitting feedback to Apple. If enough people make a noise about this then Apple might just bring it back as an option in the next update.

Glitch: Sound muffled or low volume

apple iphone 5c vs 5s side buttonsA few people are reporting that the sound is muffled after the iOS 7.1 update and that the volume won’t go as high as it used to go. This seems to be mostly affecting iPads and it should be easy to fix.

Potential fixes:

  1. Always start by trying a soft reset by holding down the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button until the device restarts and you see the Apple logo.
  2. There’s a side switch on the iPad that can be used for mute. Check in Settings > General and see what is ticked under Use Side Switch To.
  3. Plug in some headphones and test them and then unplug them again.
  4. Try going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and see if makes a difference.
  5. If nothing works then head to an Apple Store and see what they can tell you.

Glitch: Auto-brightness not working

If you’ve run into issues with the brightness on your iPhone or iPad and it doesn’t seem to be behaving as it should, then don’t panic.

Potential fixes:

That’s all the iOS 7.1 problems and fixes we have for now, but we will add more as we find them. Please post a comment and share any issues or fixes you’ve encountered.

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  1. petergurling 2 hours Ago  
    My phone will not register on my computer when I connect it so I can't download anything. Please help !
  2. Is there any one who could solve my problem? I update my Iphone 4 IOS 7,1 but after update my hotspot is not working anymore, I am completely lost.
  3. Sankalp Shetty 2 weeks Ago  
    Since I have downloaded iOS 7.1 I am having problems with the AppStore whenever I open it it says cannot connect to AppStore. It never ever works. Everrrrr!! What do I do please help me simon !?
  4. msb12194 3 weeks Ago  
    Hi i can not download apps or update apps. My app store always says that it can no connect to the app store because of no wifi even though my wifi works fine. And it happens other places to with wifi so its not just my house wifi.
  5. Beverly D 3 weeks Ago  
    I updated to 7.1 on my ipad 3-22-14 and have no sound on it. After trying all the suggestions on line and with Apple Support the only solution given me is to buy a new ipad!
  6. gbegier 4 weeks Ago  
    I tunes does not work. When I push play on a song it scrolls and scrolls through all my songs and does not allow me to hear the songs that I attempt to play.
  7. Sandra-Lynne Jones 4 weeks Ago  
    Since downloading the latest update, I have not been able to access my phone. All I see is the white apple logo for a few seconds, then a black screen. Unfortunately, some essential stuff (last footage of a dying relative) has not been backed up since I have been travelling. Is there any way of recovering the photos and videos before doing a reset??
  8. My home screen has changed since the update. It is blue and so are the apps especially when I view pictures. Any help.
  9. Katie.A.Kaufman 1 month Ago  
    Does anyone else have the problem with the Mail app not deleting messages? There are times I can send a message to the trash four or five times, and even delete it from the computer, but when the app refreshes, the message is still in the mailbox marked as unread.
  10. Karen Davis 1 month Ago  
    Has anyone had trouble removing contacts from suggestion list by tapping on the "i"symbol. I tapped and clicked to remove but the old contact still keeps popping up. It worked on my iPhone but not my iPad.
  11. bill.white.315213 2 months Ago  
    I used to be able to run my projector and airplay at the same time out of iPad, but since the update they no longer function at the same time. The projector gives the image, but if I select Airplay instead of iPad for audio, the screen freezes.
  12. WestelCS 2 months Ago  
    iPhone does have plenty of faults and drawbacks, But, honestly this is the first time I have ever seen many of them listed at a place. Despite the cons, its pros are quite effective. But, it does pose a lot of problems when things go wrong. Even update failure is not good many times.
  13. Geode 2 months Ago  
    Gee, I thought because you bought a premium product for a premium price, Apple products "just worked."

    This list shows you how much in denial Apple addicts are, because they really bought a piece of junk for an astronomical price!
  14. nicolaszart 2 months Ago  
    Another feature sorely missing is select all emails and delete. I have over 200 emails in both my iPad and iPhone and will not sit through deleting each one by one every dayon both devices. This is also a current thread on Apple's forum, which by the way edits and removes certain complaints.

    Another iOs7 problem I have is FaceTime calls coming in on all devices, and the one I chose to answer with won't stop the others, letting it ring forever without connecting.

    Another iOs7 problem I have is iCloud is syncing only my iPad and iPhone but not my iMac. I haven't evern tried to see what is going on on my faulty manufactured MacBook Air.

    And I will not trouble shoot everything every week or so. That's why I moved away from Microsoft over a decade ago.

    Apple, you're loosing it fast and furious. I'm no longer a client.
  15. nicolaszart 2 months Ago  
    You'll never catch me again updating iOs without waiting to see what the problems are. We've never had that with Apple before. As far as I see, I lost my confidence in this company. IoS7 is awful. I wish thre was a way to go back to iOs6. Never again.
  16. Mohamed np 2 months Ago  
    AppStore not working on wifi wit my 4s-iOS7. But working on 3G ! Any solution ?? Pls help
  17. karenjennings11 2 months Ago  
    Since updating IOS7.0.5 on my new Iphone 5s I can receive emails but can't send them. keeps telling me my user name and password are incorrect
  18. BeenThere DoneThat 2 months Ago  
    Thank you Simon for your write up. For more on the problem: "Glitch: Refreshing apps after switch" see:

    ios7 keeps refreshing apps after switching

    All iOS 7 devices have the same problem and no one can get Apple to even admit they are aware of the problem. I'm sure you have this issue with your iOS 7 device. Whether or not it is a problem for you depends on how you use the device. Now that you know the problem exist, you don't have to think it was some isolated glitch.
  19. when on music app it turns black when i turn my iPhone 5 to the side. PLEASE HELP
  20. Mirasgirl 3 months Ago  
    Saw several issues here that I recognize, but not the one I find most bothersome: iPhoto events are rearranged according to whimsy, making it impossible to find a photo I want to show someone. Thoughts?
  21. Don Uffinger 3 months Ago  
    I have a i4 and updated to OS7 awhile back when it first came out for the i4. I cant get the screen to go horizonal when I turn it. It always stays vertical. This is driving me crazy when I want to see anything in the horizonal position so that I can see my videos etc in the wide screen view. Very frustrating watching a video in the smaller horizonal screen. What can I do to get it to switch when I turn the phone from vertical to horizonal positions? Thanks for any advice......I wish I never downloaded it to begin with, was happy with the old OS version and you cant go back to it!!
  22. tyler chasse 3 months Ago  
    Whenever I turn on music the screen will go black
  23. Alan J 3 months Ago  
    For lost wifi in the new ios 7.0.4. Try this before you do a complete reset:

    Go to Settings.

    Tap wifi.

    Tap on the "lost" connection's circled "i".

    Tap "forget this network".

    You will get a message that your iphone will no longer join this wif if network or that the keychain entry will be lost for all keychained devices.

    Tap "forget"

    Now go back to your settings and ask to join networks

    Tap your lost connection.

    Input the password

    Tap "Join".

    You should be back in business.

    BTW. I checked my laptop a few minutes later to see if it had a keychain problem. None was apparent.

  24. david hoops 3 months Ago  
    Experienced the "not charging" problem with 5c today. Had the same ominous message as mentioned above. My solution: I first looked closed at end of charger plug that plugged into phone. I noticed a bit of dirt and what appeared to be corrosion on the copper connectors. Take a fine micro fiber cloth and very gently clean the connector. Replug into outlet, problem solved. Coincidence or just an old school solution, your guess is as good as mine, but with trying!!
  25. Brian Kotula 3 months Ago  
    Does anyone have problems viewing some videos on certain sites with io7?
  26. Tolawola 3 months Ago  
    I have an iPhone 5s with iOS 7.0.4 and my device is jailbroken however for some odd reason my phone will not allow me to control how I want my cellular data to be used like there's a ghost in my machine. I understand I can turn cellular data completely off but then I won't receive texts messages and that's just not how I want to be able to restrict/unrestricted my phone.
  27. Mary Joy Gonzales 3 months Ago  
    I hate IOS 7.4 like samsung...
  28. sarah.homstockton 3 months Ago  
    Google not working "unable to get results check network connection" all other internet based apps work just fine. is this a settings problem?
    1. Are you trying on a school or work network? I think this is related to a DNS redirect bug.

  29. Diana Franco 3 months Ago  
    Tab to move to next field has vanished.
  30. jperrin72 3 months Ago  
    Since I upgraded to iOS 7 I'm experiencing Wifi and Bluetooth conflicts. Usually it happens when I stream music from the internet to my BlueTooth speakers. Music lags and stops all the time. I managed to reproduce this issue on 3 different Apple devices (2 x iPad 4 + 1 iPhone 4s) and 2 different BT speakers. Can you reproduce it as well ?
  31. Morgan_Gor 3 months Ago  
    Hello all,
    I hope someone can help me to resolve the following issue.
    I have an Iphone 5 IOS 7.0.4, jailbreak with Evasi0n7. I can install apps from the Apple apps store, but I can not install third party apps. When I sync these apps wih Itunes, on my iphone the icone is greyed out and when I click on it, it says 'Installing...'. Please help
  32. kathleen.schulz.108 3 months Ago  
    I have iOS5. Obviously have to upgrade, but DO I HAVE TO UPGRADE TO iOS7? Can I still upgrade to iOS6? If so, how?

  33. hcravi 3 months Ago  
    since downloading the iOs 7.0.4 I am unable to forward any emails. when I start tying the recipient's email the mail app crashes and goes back to the home screen.

    any solutions ?
  34. Kieran 3 months Ago  
    Hi Simon,
    I thought I posted, but I can't see it sorry for the double post if it shows up). When I listen to music the screen will change to a white screen with an unrelated song with a black stripe in the left hand side with only a pause button at the bottom. There does not be any systematic way to get rid of it, I tilt my iphone5 back and forth slowly and it goes back at some point to the original screen. Do you know what this is? And how to stop it from doing this? (Also, what is that screen used for ?I can't think of any useful reason for it)
  35. Dyann Wendland 3 months Ago  
    Are you kidding me. How about Apple fixing these issues with the next update???
  36. sarah.bleasdale.961 4 months Ago  
    Simon, my iPhone 4s wifi will not turn on at all. I have tried all of your suggestions and they have not worked. I have also called apple, but they are closed for the holidays. Please help!
  37. scott.birdsall.56 4 months Ago  
    Since uploading IOS7 my itnus will not play on my line out dock to my stereo system fine before wires phone not upgraded works fine (but she has shocking music) phone is 4S what can I do
  38. Mohammad Jukhadar 4 months Ago  
    Hello simon, i have updated my iPhone 4 to iOS7, and i have faced lots of problems. One of those is the notifications. iPhone doesn't bring me any whatsapp or Facebook notifications, and whenever i get into those apps, this message appears, "Connect to iTunes to use push notifications." How can i solve this problem?
  39. Alexander Ewering 4 months Ago  
    Glitch: Grammar is orientated the wrong way.
  40. jim.dawkins.543 4 months Ago  
    I have an Iphone 5 and I have not updated. There are so many issues with this update its beyond normal bugs. With that said, I have noticed that a majority of the problems are occurring for people on the Iphone 4/4S. it seems that the update is not as buggy for those on an Iphone 5. Can anyone conform this. I am contemplating the update again at 7.0.4. on an Iphone 5. If it totally screws my phone I'm off to Galaxy land.
  41. elizabeth.handlon.5 4 months Ago  
    In the last couple of days, all of sudden my contacts have started showing up as phone numbers only in iMessage. Is there a fix for this? I have an iPhone 4
    1. I have this problem as well. When I went into the Contacts app, all my contacts are GONE. They are still on my ipad, so not gone-gone, but no longer on my phone. I am trying every solution I can find online (no luck so far) but noticed that despite identical settings for my accounts, I am not given the option on my 4s of setting the default CONTACTS account, whereas I do have that option on my ipad. HELP!!!
  42. Asif Ahamed 4 months Ago  
    Simon, I'm facing a wifi problem in my iPhone 4S. When I connect to internet via laptop or other mobile devices, I don't have any problem but when I attempt to browse through my phone, the modem gets restarted frequently. Is there a problem with the modem or my phone connection?? I even tried "Reset Network Settings" but no use... I'm looking for a solution against this problem.
  43. rich.p.dennis 4 months Ago  
    My iPhone 4s will not send picture texts. since upgrade to os 7. I had no problems before upgrade but now I get an exclamation mark inside a red circle beside picture and it won't send. The messages themselves work great just pictures won't send. Any thoughts?
  44. josephus3 4 months Ago  
    Can no longer sync contacts between iPhone 4 and 2009-era Macbook. Using a program called "fruux" as a go-around but it's quite time-consuming. Big problem. My contract is up and I'm done with Apple after 13 years. They design their gear to go obsolete and impossible to use after 3 or 4 years.
  45. NeNeMe 4 months Ago  
    My daughter solved my problem. Thanks anyway.
  46. NeNeMe 4 months Ago  
    Since this update I cat turn my hone sideways to text or use safari. Is the a solution in settings?
  47. les.legato 4 months Ago  
    re "Problem: Keyboard lag"

    I'd be leery about "Go to Settings > iCloud and turn Documents & Data off."

    If you do on iphone 4S with ios 7.04, you get the message

    "all documents and data stored in icloud will be deleted from this phone"

    and if you stare at that message long enough in your phone, it might do it before you cancel.
  48. Tracyd 4 months Ago  
    I updated all the pending for update apps and they seem to be stuck on 'waiting'. It's been 24 hrs. Is there a way I can cancel the updates or speed it up so I can access these apps?
  49. rams.ch.733 4 months Ago  
    Recently i brought iPhone 5s and it had some problem
    unable to connect to bluetooth and its keeps on searching and not finding my macbook air bluetooth
    unable to recognise sim card and saying no sim card try again
    airdrop is not working with mac book air

    please try to send a solution to fix above problems
    1. My wife has the same issue with the SIM card. She has the 5S. She reboots the phone which seems to clear it...at least until the next time.
  50. BeenThere DoneThat 4 months Ago  
    The web browser refresh / lost email when switching tasks problems are really big for me. Apple is costing me many more times the data usage therefore making me go way over my normal data plan usage. Everytime they force a reload, they are stealing money from us. The phone company is going to get rich from all the extra data plans they sell and don't think for one second that apple doesn't get their cut. This is a scam to rob you and me of our hard earned cash. They know we can't afford to just boycott Apple so they have us exactly where they want us, over a barrel.

    Please comment. Tell Apple what you think. We need these issues fixed.

    See also https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5380124?tstart=0 for more comments on this issue. Please comment. Apple needs to know we are aware of them stealing from us.
  51. barbam51 4 months Ago  
    Short of Re setting the phone, I've tried everything suggested to get a ring tone on my phone. Nothing works. I can only get a ringtone in settings, when it's quieter than it used to be but still adequately audible. I'm frustrated, like everyone else. It doesn't ring when the headset is in either.
  52. Cabo 4 months Ago  
    I cannot get all of the phone numbers in my contact list. I have email addresses and get facetime for the contacts. Any suggestions?
  53. Eric Rutin 4 months Ago  
    My gmail won't send half the time now. Gets stuck in outgoing for hours. What is up?
  54. iSheepBAAAH 4 months Ago  
    My iPhone 5 works flawlessly. How you ask? How do I retain a reliable and fun experience with my Apple product? By still having iO6, and more importantly ... by not being an iSheep! All of your complaints are truly pathetic. MacElitists will update their iTurd if Apple says they should. Next time you'll know to research before updating ANY device. None of you should be aloud to touch anything remotely computer related. Enjoy iBlow7.
  55. Chezza.Thompson 4 months Ago  
    Hi, since I upgraded the new operating system ios7 to my iPhone 4S I have had the following issues.
    1. iMessage is not showing a number on the icon when a new text message comes in nor is it alerting me to the fact there is a new message either by alert message, sound or vibrate, even though all setting are on.
    2. My Off/On button (sleep button) is not working anymore hence I can't power down to reset my iphone or send it to sleep to save battery power.

    Please Help
  56. rista994 4 months Ago  
    please help me, i cannot connect on my cellular data on iphone 5s , and i have the internet on sim-card.. thank you in advance.
  57. lewis.fowler.7 4 months Ago  
    Thanks alot, really helped me solve my Glitch with my iPhone iOS 7.0.4 Update when it glitches on update screen, many thanks
  58. sue.clifford.509 4 months Ago  
    How do I clear apps from multitask bar? Since ios7 update I am unable to do so by touch and holding.
    1. double-click on the home button and then swipe up to clear each app
    2. double-click on the home button, then swipe up to clear each app
    3. Thank you thank you. Have a wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year.
  59. Mariko 4 months Ago  
    Dear Simon, Appreciate your forum and the suggested solutions, some of which help, but it has gotten ridiculous. There are too many problems with ios7. At what point is Apple going to do something about it? Both my daughter and I, she has iPhone 5, I have iPhone 4S are fed up having to spend time on fixes that don't always work. I have a new iPad air still in the box, unopened due to lack of time ( seriously) and all of this has made me wonder if I really want to open it, deal with an unsatisfactory OS, and support a company I used to trust. Someone needs to contact Apple.
  60. G Krishnan 4 months Ago  
    Hi Simon: After upgrading my iPhone 4 with IOS 7, the conversation often breaks up. Usually, the caller cannot hear me clearly and my voice keeps breaking up. I too cannot hear callers clearly most of the time. There's no problem with the carrier since another phone (not iphone) works just fine with the same service provider. Help!
  61. kodonnell 4 months Ago  
    Hi - After the update on my iPad, I've noticed that when I access the internet, an image of another website previously visited appears for a second, then the usual white screen appears or the website that was open when I shut down appears. It's never the last website visited and appears randomly. That is, not everytime I access the internet. Sometimes it's the web page itself or a page within the website. It's also not a specific website.

    I've tried everything to constantly deleting the Search History and clearing the Cookies and Data, to using the Private setting on the keyboard, to doing a reset. Nothing I'm currently doing is working. Thanks for your help and everything else you do here!
  62. tyler.jenne.75 5 months Ago  
    Reset network works a charm for a fix to not able to text in app
  63. fesseha1 5 months Ago  
    I loved ios6 so well... now with iOS7 I am planing to change platform of my family and my employees
    1. If iOS 6 is not back in two weeks..I am moving to non-APPLE OS and VZ is offering me a great deal to get Android.
      1. Good move for you, then we will not have to read your constant complaining.

        Any issue I have ever had with my iphones took a quick google search and ten seconds of tappa tap tap in my settings...done.
  64. Azmat Ali 5 months Ago  
    my iPhone4s started getting hang during incoming call. i am not able to swipe to attend the call. it is all started since i updated to iOS 7
  65. markt 5 months Ago  
    I have an iPhone 4 and waited supposedly for the bugs to be fixed before I updated to IOs 7. I did this about a week ago and now I have lost iMessage. When I try to turn it on it asks for my Apple ID and then gives the following error message:
    "iMessage Activation
    Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again"
    There is nothing wrong with my network connection as all other network connected functions work.
  66. georgi.dimov.9235 5 months Ago  
    can you find a way to downgrade to older version of iOS? It is really annoying. The whole thing doesn't work properly on my iPhone 4 just really disappointed
  67. bojan.ruskic 5 months Ago  
    I have a problem with the mobile networks on the iPhone 5 ios 7.04, can not switch to manual network selection, so I have just automated, thanks for your reply.
  68. bojan.ruskic 5 months Ago  
    I have a problem with the network selection to the iPhone 5, ios 7.04, can not manually select the mobile network only automatic. Any tip?
  69. Jobonebakker 5 months Ago  
    I updated my iPad yesterday (Nov. 22, 2013) to iOS 7.04. Since then the sound is totally distorted. We can no longer skype because a very loud and sharp hissing sounds interferes. The sound of an iTune video compares to the distorted sound when the battery of the wireless telephone is about to run out.
    Is this a new problem? I would appreciate your advice. Joanne
  70. 5 months Ago  
    One thing I find funny is that I don't have any of these issues on my iPhone 4S or IPad 4. I do however have issues that I haven't even been able to put into words to the extent that someone will know what I'm talking about. But I'll try...

    1. When going to my "multitasking screen" a lot of what is displayed is not accurate. For instance, I looked at a car on autotrader a week ago and went to several websites after and it's even been closed since then. When I look at "multitasking screen" I see that opened and the car is there.

    2. My texts always freeze on my 4s when trying to access them.

    3. Upon answering an incoming call it takes approx 10 seconds after accepting the call for my screen to show. I like to use the speaker mode and I can't do it when I answer my calls.

    4. My Siri never understands me on either device.

    5. When writing emails, directly from a website (Craigslist) sometimes I will go to another screen and work on something else. When I return the email is gone.

    6. Similar issue happens with other apps refreshing even when they are in use. Pandora is the best example of that. I have the background app refresh off!

    7. Often when I try to highlight text in email or online I cannot get the "text options" (cut, copy, paste, etc..) to come up.

    I'm just going to say Ive had Apple products for quite some time now. I started with the first iPhone and have been getting nothing but iPhone since. These issues are completely ongoing and the one as simple as the wallpaper scaling should be an easy fix. I've read it several times, APPLE HAS LOST ITS ATTENTION TO DETAIL. I'm really hoping they get their act together. I love my products but I'm just so tired of all these issues. I'm sure there's a plethora of people who agree with me.
    1. 5 months Ago   In reply to 
      8. It was something I forgot to add. I've noticed since the iOS 7 update that that touch is less responsive on my iPhone and iPad. It seems it takes several attempts in order for me to be able to "push a button."
  71. brian.bockert 5 months Ago  
    system update will not finalize. after entering the rescue email and hitting next...nothing. stuck without a phone at work...
  72. contact_ocean 5 months Ago  
    I upgraded my Iphone 4S to IOS 7.0.3 and after that I am not able to see my photos. The usage shows 6.9 GB under Camera Roll and 3.6 KB under photo Stream, however when I browse there a no photos... I have never taken backup and I don't know how to get my photos back. Please help.
    1. Now I know Steve jobs is DEAD for sure... He would not have allowed such junk !!!! Please suggest what is best platform ( Android or Windows)... I am done with APPLE
  73. john ayres 5 months Ago  
    I was going to get a Touch for Christmas but there is no way I have time in life to attempt all these possible fixes. This list as a complete deal breaker.
  74. omer.paracha.35 5 months Ago  
    My IPAD 3 main speaker is not working since I update IPAD to iOS 7
    Plzzz help me.....the above solution is not working... :'(
  75. reanna Styles 5 months Ago  
    My ipad is stuck, i updated the ios7.0.3, and because its slow i slept until in the morning, i checked it in the morning around 7:00 am and i open it and its straight to the logo of apple and then its blacked out and strraight to a circle with logo of itunes and a cord below and its background is black. What should i do? im panicking!
  76. Scott Meseck 5 months Ago  
    Thanks for all of your suggestions. Why isn't Apple doing this? I used to love Apple products. Now I absolutely hate them. They have ruined a very expensive iPad and iPhone. Now these jerks are trying to tell me that I should merely upgrade my phone. Tim Cook apologized for Maps, but IOS 7 screws up my entire phone and iPad and I haven't heard any apology, just excuses. They think of themselves as the BMW of the tech world. I would say Yugo is now more accurate and I plan on getting an Android phone because how much worse can it be than IOS 7? The main point of a phone is that it actually works. Whether it has a new interface that zooms in and out is a who cares. They should at least let people have the option of reinstalling IOS 6. These guys are now the new Windows purveyors and this thing is Vista
  77. sanjay3988 5 months Ago  
    After upgrading IOS7 , I am facing issues with WIFI connectivity because it stop working after 5min ,so I need to ON/OFF manually for any new update or Massage...!!!!
  78. riaan.afrikaner 5 months Ago  
    How can i put call on hold while receiving another incoming call
  79. mldouglas3 5 months Ago  
    What a Beast! I can no longer get or send emails since I downloaded IOS7.
  80. Champion New 5 months Ago  
    after i update to ios7 i can't even lock in the screen and keep on freeze on the lock in screen any one can help me solve this problem please and thank.
    1. my phone is a iphone4s
      1. any one please help me out, Thank
    2. iPhones best days are dead with Steve
  81. TuEKiD 5 months Ago  
    I fixed this problem by not updating to the new iOS or a new phone. Still rocking the iPhone 4s FTW. In my opinion the new OS looks like an android device, and that sucks.
  82. brittmacpherson 5 months Ago  
    Since upgrading, my phone no longer makes or receives calls. Any advice? I never had a problem before.
  83. sloamanu 5 months Ago  
    Since upgrade to ios7 my iPhone 4S can't call out on Viber or receive incoming calls.. It says microphone is disabled but I can't seem to fix it.. Settings on my phone doesn't give out the options to iPhones settings / privacy/microphone/Viber/set to on
  84. Jill Baldessari 5 months Ago  
    Since I downloaded the new OS on my iPhone 5 Siri has worked inconsistently for placing calls and sending text messages. Any suggestions?
  85. ruth.hughie 5 months Ago  
    Since the update, my 4S will no longer sync to my laptop (PC).
    Also, I no longer have access to music on my phone that was not purchased through iTunes.
    ANY idea on how to fix these issues?
    1. Get rid of your iPhone... It is a piece of junk... went to Apple store every other person had one or another problem... I demanded they put ios6 back... They said they can't
  86. Donna Scott 5 months Ago  
    My phone shows to connect to itunes, when I did I got a fatal error. It won't work at all. Ever since this last update!
  87. Muriel Cabrera 5 months Ago  
    Since I updated my iPhone 4s to iOS7 I can't sync my music to my phone. I updated iTunes I did everything I could but it doesn't work so idk what else to do. Pls help!
  88. bgoodall 6 months Ago  
    I can not play my music videos in landscape mode. The video keeps playing but I get a small graphic of my music. This is driving me nuts. I can play the videos in the Video app, but you can not make a play list. The "Genius" at the Apple store just said thats the way it is. I really find that hard to believe. I also have not been able to find a way to let the software people at Apple look at this. Any Ideas??????
  89. Piseth Chansrun 6 months Ago  
    I just bought an iPhone5s yesterday. Sometime when I try to close an app, it just freezes and then restart buy itself. And it happened 3 times already for today. IT is happen to other devices as well?
  90. jr.aquino.5 6 months Ago  
    hello after i upgrade my iphone4 32gb the screen of my phone is shaking and i cant read clearly specially when i am playing and browsing what is the possible solution for this, and is it because of the update i have made to my phone that causes the shaking? thank you very much
  91. althaf syed 6 months Ago  
    sometimes i cannot dismiss the call after am done talking.Even after repeated pressing it will not cut.
  92. Bernard Clabots 6 months Ago  
    Great article. Don't you have the feeling recently that newer means poorer? This updates makes me really feel like I am the prisonner of my phone. If Apple decides that I cannot do anything I had always done in the past they just need to disable the feature in the next update...
    This is really deceiving I paid the Phone such a high price after I tested it... This is deceiving the consummer. What do the authorities wait for? Sorry but imagine that Microsoft would decide that only certified driver can work and that all devices that worked untill today with a non certified driver would stop working tomorrow, it wouldn't take one week before they'd be sued... WTF! Iphone decides your USB charger may damage the phone, whether or not it is guaranteed, your phone and not theirs they can just disallow you!!!
    Sorry this is a reason to buy another brand.
  93. gato.arrabalero 6 months Ago  
    Most applications crash on my 4s. Its been a headache since iOS 7 was released. This really SUCKS.
  94. gato.arrabalero 6 months Ago  
    Most application crash on my 4s. Its been a headache since iOS 7 was released. This really SUCKS.
  95. I don't know how to download apps
  96. Emma Sousa 6 months Ago  
    I have the iphone 4s and have not upgraded yet due to two huge issues which I've read affect the 4s specifically - the virtual keyboard being beyond slow and ms exchange mail having big issues working properly. You mention in this posting that the keyboard issue affects the '4'...you didn't say 4s. Could you clarify if this includes the 4s? Have you heard of any issues with exchange mail? I have this set up to get my mail from my job in addition to my personal email accounts, so to update and not have that work would put me dead in the water.

  97. yvonne.rose.37 6 months Ago  
    triple thank you !!
  98. Jenny Goode 6 months Ago  
    Hi. So after downloading the update Iv notice my music wont play. If the phone is plugged into my computer in Itunes it seems to work fine playing all music, however when I disconnect only a few Artis in A will play and if I select a song or artist or even playlist it'll skip right around to another song that seems to work. Can anyone help???
  99. sashaDXD 6 months Ago  
    My cellular data isn't working!! Ever since the ios 7 update, my iPhone 5 has been using cellular on/off.. it only works rarely (midnight)
  100. Joannegoann 6 months Ago  
    What to do if u have trouble downloading games?
  101. sugarcaned 6 months Ago  
    I had just typed a long list of all of the iOS 7 bugs I've found not included above, and general UX complaints, but after being prompted to login and doing so, your stupid site lost the comment an presented me with an empty comment box.

    I can't really criticise Apple's UX when you guys can't even get the simple process of submitting a comment right.
  102. Rohit Zaveri 6 months Ago  
    One of the worst things of 2013, worse than US Govt. Defaulting. People who designed should be hanged and those who approved it should be very savagely beaten along with their family members, friends and any one they know.
  103. Abe Ibrahim 6 months Ago  
    I purchased an Iphone 5 IOS 7.2. I went home and tried to link it to my Apple ID I couldn’t do that and can’t even access or buy or update any app.
  104. nina.timblin 6 months Ago  
    I have had my iphone 4s since it first came out a few years ago, If you have a Jailbreak on your phone the latest one, it works absolutely awesome, I have had absolutely no issues or problems what-so-ever with my jailbreak version 6.1.2 you will have no issues at all.....learn how to jailbreak your phone to avoid all apple mis-haps... there is a lot of information out there its pretty easy to do, read and learn and it will solve all iphone issues and future problems.
  105. jose.mds.88 6 months Ago  
  106. Rahul Agarwal 6 months Ago  
    Hey, I found that some of problems are not listed here so if someone want to check thous problem can also visit http://techoflip.com/apple/problems-solutions-ios7/
  107. Chris Brown 6 months Ago  
    Product Ipad mini
    System IOS 7 .. aka the end of the road for this user

    Vent your frustrations for IO7 here FB: BoyCot IOS 7

    IOS 7 is Slow, buggy, annoying, stressful, awkward, plain bad.

    Speed: 2/10
    Before the upgrade didn't notice speed issues!
    with IOS7 everything is slow and jerky

    Multi Tasking: 0/10
    There is no multi tasking.
    Everything is refreshed and your place in your app will be lost if it doesn't force close on you.

    Stability: 2/10
    Every app i have has force closed at least once

    Usability: 4/10
    Still has apple essence, but lost feel, now it's crumby android in an apple skin.
    Control centre doesn't really do anything.

    Storage: 3/10
    Used up in a flash since everything is copied and saved over ten times, originals / edits all together in the background, you can't see, can't change.

    Slave to technology: 10/10
    You can only do what apple wants, if they want you to pay for extra storage you will pay because you will run out.

    Expose or App view: 2/10
    Apps fill up entire screen causing usability of app view to be nill. Apps whizz by so fast you miss them, you can only see a max of three or four open apps at one time. It's hard, time consuming, stressful, high carpel tunnel toll, tricky to swipe correctly to clear one app at a time. Entering back into an app causes it to refresh ... be prepared for a 10 second wait for each time you do this ... this will happen if you leave an app unused for more than a minute ... you will loose where you were in your app or game.

    Game play: 5/10
    You can play games! IF you shut down all other apps first.

    Awkward 4-5 finger swiping gestures: 10/10
    Plenty of this nonsense

    Bugs: 10/10
    Too many to mention...

    Calendar: 3/10
    Randomly deletes entries WTF - does not sync with google.

    Sounds: 1/10
    Cheap gay echos and crap like that!

    May be used in the event you buy a new apple product only!
    Back up data is USELESS and cannot be used for any kind of useful recovery.

    APPLE ID PASSWORD PROMPT every 5 minutes!
    Turning off USELESS icloud immediately.

    Energy: 4/10
    Uses up more energy doing less!!

    Auto Brightness: 0/10
    DOES NOT WORK anymore ... worse than before.
    Cannot find an easy way to brightness controls anymore
    Cannot find an easy way to music anymore

    Photos: 4/10
    Good but no edit functions. no rename. no sort. only different annoying views.
    Organisation when looking for pictures! random! files above point of entry, files below point of entry, finding the last file you took! almost impossible. Usability score, minus.

    New icons: 3/10
    Fresher - but flat and simple and ugly, no drop-shadows.

    Spotlight! yeah i suppose thats in a better place, one finger pull down!
    1. The developers don't have enough time to fix the bugs because they developed the Obama Care signup website and are busy fixing that right now.
  108. Lanni 6 months Ago  
    Since updating my iphone 4s to the new os7 I have not been able to use the facetime or imessage feature. I have had the iphone for over 6 years and have never had this problme. I have followed the online troubleshooting advice from Apple, reset my phone, reset my password, made sure I was connected to WIFI and nothing I have tried works. I am extremely frustrated to say the least and I have no idea how to fix this problem. Please help!! Thank you,
  109. e4mook . 6 months Ago  
    I tried to update last night, I tunes made a backup as soon as i connected, then i opted for the IOS7 updated, everything was going smoothly until the error screen come up, The Iphone 4 that i have now wants me to connect to i tunes. ive tgried countless times to connect but itunes doesnt recognise that there is an iphone connected. ive tried resetting the phone but it doesnt reset. the phone was working perfectly before the attempted update.....HELP!!!!
  110. Dino Aris 6 months Ago  
    Previously my iPad when I have too many open apps, I juz clicked the circle button twice and press any icon long for it to jiggle. Then I can clear any or all open apps. This help to save my battery and charge faster, it also help when I'm playing game. Now with iOS7 I can't do any of these thing. Worst of all when I press circle button twice now it shows all my open apps, with big screen on top and small icon below it, but I could not clear any of it. How do I close or clear any if not all my open apps?
    1. Just swipe the big screen up to close the app.

  111. janneb 6 months Ago  
    i have a 'weather' app & have added Beunos Aires by mistake, how do i delete it without deleting the whole app please
    1. Swipe right to left on the city to delete.

  112. Michael Pickering 6 months Ago  
    I have a BT keyboard for my iphone 4S iOS7, which is pretty convenient and nice for regaining lost screen, as the iOS keyboard doesn't popup when needing to type something. When I turn the BT off, with the keyboard connected (typically when I've walked away from the keyboard), and then tap anywhere (in any app) which requires typing, the iOS keyboard doesn't pop back up.

    The only way I have been able to fix this is to power cycle the phone.
    1. Have the same issue. I "resolve" it by unpairing the keyboard. Which is a totally unacceptable pain.
  113. sandmarc 6 months Ago  
    Lost all the apps I had purchased and can't access the games I had
  114. Eiríkur Egilsson 6 months Ago  
    Hi there,

    I noticed the "Added issues with device not turning on" here, and apparantly the only way to fix it at the moment is to hold down the two buttons for 10 seconds ...
    **very annoying** because I'm constantly having to do this in my iPad2 using iOs 7.0.2

    Does anybody know if Apple are working on this problem!?
    - I never had this issue in previous iOos's!

  115. sallyaburr 6 months Ago  
    Since upgrading ios7 even though I can send and receive new emails I am unable to reply or forward emails received. It keeps telling me my SMTP password is wrong. Any ideas please?
  116. ralph.daubeney 6 months Ago  
    Hi my i phone 5 with Iso 7 has locked out. The touch screen will not operate and i can't unlock it with sri either. Any ideas ?
  117. robert.cooper.583 6 months Ago  
    Since upgrading my iphone 4s I can't group message the app keeps crashing and I've gone to settings messages and there is no longer group messages toggle any help would be appreciated.
    1. Yeah it looks like a few people are having this problem, https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5348107?start=0&tstart=0 I haven't found a verified fix for it, I'm afraid.

  118. Kimm 6 months Ago  
    I think I have a new one for you. My 4S, since the update, magnifies the screen to where I can only see and utilize the bottom right corner of the normal screen. It renders my phone useless. Until today, I was able to shut the phone off to restore it back to normal. Now, I can't even turn my phone off.

    Can you help?
  119. Kimm 6 months Ago  
    I have an additional problem. My screen magnifies so big that I can only see the bottom right corner of the normal screen. I can't scroll. My phone becomes useless. I used to be able to turn the phone off to reset it. Now, I get Siri instead, and she can't help me.
  120. Dennis  Remoroza 6 months Ago  
    Hi! Simon im just goin to ask because i updated my Ipad Mini to IOS 7 then after the update is already finish i cant connect to the 3g it has full of signal and it has a 3g in the signal but when im using safari to browse there is no internet connection is indicated at the top but i has full signal. thank you for understanding i canonly use wi-fi.
  121. eileen.gunning 6 months Ago  
    No sound when video is downloaded to Mac using image capture
  122. Daniel Severo 6 months Ago  
    Step 1) Throw away your iPhone
    Step 2) Get a Nexus 4
    Step 3) ???
    Step 4) PROFIT from better hardware, software and cheaper price!
  123. Carlos De-francisco 6 months Ago  
    Im a kid but please help, my ipad froze and now its going through endless reboot it won't unfreeze anything i can do to fix?:( i love my ipad
  124. bebo.saied.37 6 months Ago  
    Hi Simon, i need your help plz, did u happen to find a solution to the problem whre the iphone freezes on "connect to itunes" while after connecting it says that the phone is in " recovery mode" after upgrading to iSO7 !!!..
  125. sachitha.madushan 6 months Ago  
    volume controls not display in my iphone 4s with ios 7....... plz help me
  126. marvort 6 months Ago  
    I cannot get all of the phone numbers in my contact list. I have email addresses and get facetime for the contacts. Any suggestions?
  127. Cassidy Greene 7 months Ago  
    Hello Simon, my wifi is greyed out and will not turn on. I tried all of your tips but none of them worked. Same for the Bluetooth it also won't turn on just loads forever. I would like to backup up my phone but unfortunately I can't, due to this problem. I would be grateful if you could help. Thanks in advance!
    1. This is the f*** problem found iphone 4s + ios 7,
      Possible Solution> Reset Network setting
      if not Reset All Setting
      if not There is also crazy solution
      Heat up your phone through hair dryer, until waring apperas on iphon screen, then coool it down by placing it inside the shopper bag and put into fridge, Worked for some people, my phone wifi works when it is cool, A little heat stop the wifi to work.
      If non of the solution works, you have to buy a new one :P
  128. Cassidy Greene 7 months Ago  
    Hello Simon, my wifi is greyed out and will not turn on. I tried all of your tips but none of them worked. Same for the Bluetooth it also won't turn on just loads forever. I would like to backup up my phone with I cloud but unfortunately I can't, due to this problem. I would be grateful if you could help. Thanks in advance!
  129. angryiphoneuser 7 months Ago  
    My music app does not function properly. If I pause a song, go to a different app, and go back to music, it forgets what song was playing. The "Now Playing" button completely disappears. I don't know if this was designed this way or if it is a bug of some kind. Thanks!!
  130. ravikiranvbv 7 months Ago  
    I have recently updated to iOS7. But when i am calling or receiving call from/to any of my contact list for whom the pictures are assigned, the pictures are not getting displayed. They are getting blurred. I am not able to view them. Any idea how can i rectify it.
    Ravi Kiran
  131. kristyn.sharpe 7 months Ago  
    When I go to messages to reply to a message from a few days ago, its gone, as tho I've deleted the conversation. Help Please!
  132. CallMeMrBenoit 7 months Ago  
    Upgraded, wasn't able to use service codes, so I restored then sms stopped sending. Any advice?
  133. Nips Bud 7 months Ago  
    Gotta love the nausea one the best. Probably because they're sorry they bought an iPhone and not an Android or Z10.
  134. josalpeas 7 months Ago  
    Since IOS Upgrade my iPad (v2) has not changed to options for iMessging. I can turn on/off iMessaging but do not have all of the new features (i.e. Send as SMS; or all of the SMS/MMS features).

    Update was successful on iPhone but not on iPad. I've tried the suggestion posted: Turn iMessaging on/off; turn Facetime on/off; reset Cellular Data; turn wi-fi on/off; and Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

  135. Happylady 7 months Ago  
    New IPhone ITunes just kept freezing !

    Just found your site tried it AND

    YES ITUNES working fine just busy downloading the apps I needed

    Thankyou have been soo frustrated but everything is working fine now

    1 Very Happy Lady x
  136. Pam Collings 7 months Ago  
    Has anyone experienced not being able to see the text as you type it on certain apps on iPad? Since downloading ios7 I have noticed this on at least 2 apps when typing on the keyboard on the iPad screen
  137. Pam Collings 7 months Ago  
    Is anyone having problems with not being able to see what you are typing while using the keyboard on the iPad screen? I have noticed this with at least 2 apps since downloading iOS 7
  138. mohitsingla08 7 months Ago  
    hi simon
    since installed ios7 my phone freezes most of the time when i miss some call.
    i wont able to slide the screen to open the lock.i tried rebooting my phone but still the same problem.
    help me out
  139. josh.beam.148 7 months Ago  
    by the way, its the 4
  140. patty56 7 months Ago  
    I can't get the voice control message deleted from my iphone 4. I was able to deactivate siri, but can't seem to disable the voice control portion, and it is driving me crazy!!!!! also I'm having problems swiping to change screen.
    Can anybody help????
  141. MCY 7 months Ago  
    I have lost some of my app icons from my screen. When I go to the app store they are sitting there with the open tab at the top. So how do I get the icon shortcut back on my screen?
  142. ddenzel 7 months Ago  
    I am in desperate need of help!!! I have an iPhone 4 and I tried downloading iOS 7 and I am experiencing the first item on this article where my phone is stuck on the Apple logo (it goes in and out). I cannot turn on my phone at all. So I followed the steps in this article to "Restore" my iPhone but iTunes says it will take over 200 hours finish the download and it stops working after a while and I get an error. I have iTunes 11.1 and I tried it on 2 different Mac computers I have at home and it still says it will take over 200 hours to complete. I think it might be because I don't have enough storage space on my iphone, but I'm stuck because I can't delete anything on my phone --I STILL can't turn it on, even when I plug it in to the computer it's still stuck on the Apple logo going in and out!!! What do I do?!?!?!?!?!?
  143. norm.stoysich 7 months Ago  
    Is there a way of changing folder colors? With the wallpaper I am using the floders are difficult to see. thanks
    1. sorry --- this is on my ipad.
    2. Apparently the folder colors are actually determined by the color of your wallpaper. Try changing your wallpaper.

  144. jcale29 7 months Ago  
    Since installing ios7 my iphone shows the icon to connect to itunes, message "Tunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes" I haven't synced in a while... Any way around this?
    1. same here...well, all we can do is back it up,if still not in recovery mode...or if it is (like in my case), ill probably use software like Recboot to come out of this mode and then back up...then will install a fresh iOS7 package on iDevice...hope it helps :D
  145. Helen Flores 7 months Ago  
    I can't delete voice mails. I've tried everything including calling into my VM and deleting from there. There are times it appears that I've deleted and then a couple of minutes later all of the VMs have magically reappeared.
  146. sam.trotter.75 7 months Ago  
    Since installing ios7 I cannot send photos by email from my iPad nor upload photos onto sites such as eBay. Any ideas? Thanks
  147. G Ray 7 months Ago  
    My IPhone 4S no longer accepts voice-created text messages. After installing the 'fix' for iOS 7 this morning, I discovered the voice recognition feature for texting is no longer working. Seri still recognizes input, but cannot process requests, is this related?
  148. mgerardt 7 months Ago  
    Thanks. Simon! I was unable to send text messages to other iPhones for the past 24 hours. I just googled up your column after finding my issue unsolved in the Apple discussions. Apple should be paying you for resolving their issues! I would happily subscribe to any tech advice you provide.
  149. sarah.stillings 7 months Ago  
    My iMessage functionality is a little wacky. Originally, none of my messages would send unless they were iMessages and I was connected to WiFi. I found that you had to manually allow SMS messages with iOS 7 so I made that change, however my messages are still not sending automatically unless I'm connected to WiFi. The only way I can get messages to send when I'm not on WiFi is to tap send and then hold down on the message and select "send as text message." Help!
  150. fliwa 7 months Ago  
    hehe even to comment here seems to be difficult

    you can't fix what is as wrong as ios7, no more apples for me...go samsung
    1. Me too.
  151. jehreth 7 months Ago  
    When I installed ios7, a film that I had in iTunes ended up on my iPhone. I tried deleting it on the iPhone. I deleted it on iTunes. I disallowed syncing videos in iTunes. I resynced a dozen times. The film (A Very Bad Trip - appropriately named) is still on my iPhone. Anyone have any bright ideas?
  152. dhiltz 7 months Ago  
    since installing IOS7 on my 4S I cannot import iPhone photos into Aperture ... help!! Any suggestions would be welcome! thanks
  153. Mary Peters 7 months Ago  
    Thank you for the information on how to fix iMessage!I have been so frustrated that my messages haven't been sending. Resetting the network settings fixed my problem.
  154. gayle.h.evans 7 months Ago  
    My boyfriend and I both have 4s phones. He quickly did the update...I have not as am more cautious than him (been an iPhone user since the beginning) Everything seemed ok with his phone but when he did the further update for the security bypass bug fixes on Saturday we can not talk to each other when he calls me. The phone call connects but the line seems dead...nothing...nada...zilch. No sound whatsoever not even an echo of your own voice. This is the same if I call his phone as it is if he has called mine. FaceTime works fine but just not standard phone all's. Oh and he can call other non iPhone mobiles fine and Landlines. Anyone else had this?
  155. Cyrus Netter 7 months Ago  
    IOS problems not isolated to the iPhone...iPad suffers too.
    IOS 7 is causing an incredible lag with application response. The keyboard typing is slow to respond also and the keys stick, especially the backspace key. This update was not ready for prime-time.
  156. Cyrus Netter 7 months Ago  
    Good catch but the problem exist with the IPad 3 also.
    IOS 7 is causing an incredible lag with application response. The keyboard typing is slow to respond also and the keys stick, especially the backspace key. This update was not ready for prime-time.
  157. hopeskinz 7 months Ago  
    Since installing iOS7 my iphone (4s) has not been responding to my external buttons (home button and sleep button). This happens at least 5 times a day with about 2-5 minutes of duration before it returns to normal. As of today it has been turning off and back on by it self also. Please help!!
    1. Have you managed to find a solution to this? We've posted a couple of suggestions above.

  158. crystal.king.5055 7 months Ago  
    My iPhone 4 said to update for bugs and etc. so I hit update and now all that comes up is the iTunes symbol and to connect to the charger
  159. Jon Filiporean 7 months Ago  
    The media player buttons in the Control Center don't work in both my iPhone and iPad. :-( Anybody else having he same problem?
  160. Jon Filiporean 7 months Ago  
    The media player buttons in the Control doesn't work in both my iPad and iPhone. :-( Anybody else having the same problem?
  161. mike.albrecht.9889 7 months Ago  
    I wish I never brought an iPhone ! I have had nothing but problems with ios7 I'm thinking about putting my phone on eBay and getting a windows phone. Apple is crap !
  162. Amelia Jardine 7 months Ago  
    HI Simon, I tried your tip to fix my iPhone 5 after it froze by rebooting it and connecting it to iTunes, but it will complete the update and restore process (after 76 minutes) only to tell me that it didn't work! I've tried to connect it and restore it 3 times now, and it is still stuck on a screen telling me to connect it to iTunes, how can I fix this?
  163. angela.m.baker.52 7 months Ago  
    I can't move and scale pics when adding them to wallpaper
    1. Think this is due to the parallax effect, we've added a couple of potential solutions to the list above.

  164. Helal Hamid 7 months Ago  
    As soon as I keep the iPhone (iPhone 5) on the desk the network goes off and when I swipe it then only it starts searching for the network and get it in 30 seconds.

    If someone is calling me during that time it says mobile is either switched off or outside the coverage area.

    Please help
  165. Alex Chung 7 months Ago  
    hi simon! My mother and I have recently updated both our iphone 5s to ios7! BUT! she keeps my receiving messages.. It's getting really awkward and fustrating! Any ideas to fix this??
    1. You are probably sharing an Apple ID, or your numbers are listed on each other's iPhones as sharing messages. Check in Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. You can disable the number you don't want sharing messages in there, but it would probably be better to set up a separate Apple ID for one of you.

      1. I started having the same issue. Removed the number in settings, but it reverts each time I reboot. Any ideas? Thanks! 7.0.4, 4s
  166. Since upgrading my iphone 4s to the ios7 I wasn't having problem until today and now I have developed trouble retrieving my email. I use my yahoo account as my email. Everytime I try to open a message I get a message that shows x# of unread messages but will not let me pull them up and then. When it did the one time today the message that I tried to open says message contains no content, when I know it did. I have deleted that account out of my phone & reinstalled it & rebooted my phone. Still haven't gotten a fix. Any idea on a fix or whats going on?
  167. faye.smith.5872 7 months Ago  
    Since installing ios7 I lost all notes anyway to retrieve them
  168. Let'srun 7 months Ago  
    Thank you!
  169. Joannegoann 7 months Ago  
    How do you change Game Center accounts with iOS 7.0.2?
    1. Settings > Game Center and click the name to log out and then you can log in with a different account.

  170. angiej1962 7 months Ago  
    HELP!!! Speaker phone doesn't work and when I'm on calls I press buttons and put the call on hold with my ear!!! Frustrating!!!
  171. constance 73 7 months Ago  
    after installing ios 7 my phone randomly turns off then on again i have rebooted it but its still doing it.someone please help me :(
  172. MDO22 7 months Ago  
    Well, my music app icon is gone... What do I do now???
  173. Michael Greco 7 months Ago  
    I updated to 7.2.0 and now I have no access to imessages. When I click on the icon its just white.. help .. Tried to restart, hard restart, checked all the settings.. I cant figure it out...
    1. Go into settings, click on messages, scroll down to " send & receive' and make sure the number shown is yours. Click on "send & receive" then click on " use your apple ID for message", this is to make sure your apple ID is correct and if it isn't this where you will change it. Back out and go into "general", scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "reset" then click on "reset network settings". This worked for me hope it helps.
  174. Joannegoann 7 months Ago  
    How do you change Game Center accounts?
  175. Joannegoann 7 months Ago  
    How do you change Game Center accounts
  176. katseyemedia 7 months Ago  
    Great article and lots of good info in the comments! My issue is still with emails - I have thousands! In the past I could limit the number to 50 but I can't seem to find that setting - is it hidden? Also I tried to clear the 2,000+ emails by marking them all as read but they aren't going anywhere! I still have 2k in the badge on the email icon - can I clear this and set the limit to last 50? Thanks so much!
  177. sabitii.k.rogers 7 months Ago  
    I recently upgraded my iphone to IOS 7 but i seem not to be able to find Sim Applications through Settings>Phone? HELP
  178. siribalwant KHALSA 7 months Ago  
    After buying an iphone 5 and updating it I have been dealing with hassle after hassle. Yes buy a $500 phone and then spend hours fixing the software or trying ways to work around the lousy software. Now I know why people call iphone users fanboys. Why on earth would anyone keep this thing? I wanted it for it's good camera but everything else on it stinks.
  179. ChuchPanu 7 months Ago  
    Hi Simon,

    Not sure if the initial message came up.

    i have just downloaded the ios7 update and the screen will not move from the Apple ID Security in whichever option i choose. Be it Add Security Questions or Not Now.

    Any ideas please.


  180. saurabhgpanchal 7 months Ago  
    Headphones and iOS7 doesn't go well on my iPhone4.
    1. Music cannot be controlled by buttons available on hands free. (Play/ Pause and Volume control)
    2. In one case, while playing song from paused status by clicking on shortcut key on locked screen, it activated the loudspeaker, even tough the hands free was connected.
    1. I have the exact same problem on my Iphone 4, you're basically the only other person right now that I can find with the same issue. I've searched and searched but have came up nothing.
      1. I have the same issue
  181. ayesha muhammad 7 months Ago  
    i hv installed ios 7 in my i phone 4 & i m facing a problem that, i cnt save contact number.keypad r not working here. my phone become slow.it gt stuck when i opened some apps like whats-app, settings, camera,remainder..
  182. ethnobruin06 7 months Ago  
    It worked! THANK YOU!!
  183. Kevin Dondrea 7 months Ago  
    Thank you for these Simon but THEY SUCK :). Not your article, your article is excellent. Just the fixes suck. I wish Apple would fix this "Microsoft" type problem. I'm a PC fan and never have been an Apple fan. I would like to own both systems when I can afford to. I do like the iPhone better than Android phones. I think Apple's problem though is, if all their software is as crappy as iTunes that may be the reason they cannot compete with MS type machines. Up until this iOS 7 issue (and iTunes) I was starting to like Apple but now I'm back to square 2. Thanks again for the article, it really is an excellent article. I just wish the resolutions would be easier like deleting a file or defragmenting the drive.
  184. elva.gomez.52 7 months Ago  
    Where do I adjust screen timeout on iPad?
    1. Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Set Time

  185. After installing IOS 7 on my iPhone I noticed the camera ICON was missing. How do I fix this problem?
  186. marcius.fabiani 7 months Ago  
    Hi, Simon,

    I've installed iOS 7 on both my iPhone 4 and my iPad 2, and I'm not able to watch videos on any of the devices anymore. Netflix, YouTube or any other video streaming from the web just keeps loading, loading, and nothing. I've tried everything from reinstalling the apps to restoring the devices, and nothing seems to work. Any insights?
    1. Eureka. The problem was with my wi-fi connection and internet provider. I restarted my modem and everything is working just fine.
  187. didi lucy 7 months Ago  
    since downloading update, I cannot hear my phone ring. I used to be able to hear it from anywhere in the house but now it could be right next to me and I won't hear it. Is anyone else having this problem? Also, is anyone else having trouble seeing with the grey text? I want my old OS version back!
    1. Sorry to take so long to reply, did you find a fix for this low ringer volume problem? I've posted a couple of potential solutions and a workaround that might help.

  188. 7 months Ago  
    My iphone updated but I now have to type in a unlock code to get in the phone. I didn't have a unlock code for the phone in the first place. What do I need to do?
  189. BurhanKhawaja 7 months Ago  
    One bug you forgot to mention. Every time you download an app like (feedly or any net related app that wants access to your mobile data, even though your mobile data is off, it will turn it on. And I lost my mobile balance 2 times.
  190. Zag Zag 7 months Ago  
    Since installing ISO 7 the contact was been deleted and i rewrite them again and i when i press the home button the contacts delete again what should i do help me please ???
  191. Alecs Ionescu 7 months Ago  
    Good evening. Unfortunately, I am one of the sensitive persons that get sick from motion. I am using iPhone 4 and just updated to IOS7. Unfortunately, in Settings>Accessibility THERE IS NO Reduce Motion option. Is it a bug in my phone's update or is normal for iPhone 4? Thank you.
    1. It should be in Settings > General > Accessibility and then in the second grouping of choices. Your iPhone has no "reduce motion" option? Are you running the release version of iOS 7?

    2. I don't have a reduce motion option either!! I've had a migraine for the past 2 weeks and bet this is part of the cause.

      I also have an iphone 4, so maybe that has something to do with it?
    3. iPhone 4 does not have "reduce motion" because it does not support it.
      1. Yes you're right the parallax effect doesn't work on the iPhone 4 so there's no option to reduce it.

      2. It does.... General-Accessibility-Reduce Motion... it may not work, but it there.
    4. Accidentally lost data your iPhone 4 data, I suggest professional and easy to use software Kernel for iPod Data Recovery Tool. It can easily restore all Apple models like iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Classic.

      There are 2 ways to Restore deleted data from iPhone 4 data.

      1) To Directly scan and recover photos from iPhone
      2) iTunes backup to recover iPhone
  192. Zag Zag 7 months Ago  
    Since installing ISO 7 the contact was been deleted and i rewrite them again and i when i press the home button the contacts delete again what should i do help me pleas Simon ?!!
  193. SamiraH 7 months Ago  
    Since uploading IOS7 when my phone is in lock mode, my calls go straight to answer phone, I also no longer have sound with my text messages, I never receive calls nor do I hear my texts. Please help!
  194. marco.zegarra.3 7 months Ago  
    i have the same problem on my iphone 4s so ive tried all the possible methods but still i cant use wifi and bluetooth wifi appears gray and bluetooth appers like charging
  195. michael.nader.7140 7 months Ago  
    My iphone 4s will not turn or or show and red depleted battery on the screen while charging. After i installed the new ios7 software updatem, it worked fine for a few days. I then noticed another software update yesterday, as i began to install, my phone said, "must be above 50% battery life or plugged into a charger. After i plugged my phone into the charger i followed through the software installation process again, and now my phone wont turn on or respond at all. I tried connecting the phone to the computer and following the recovery steps through itunes which didnt seem to make a difference.

    Help this helpless soul.
    1. Get a new phone. Problem solved. Better yet a Note 3.
      1. Yes. BB10 like the Z10 or Q10 are worlds better.
    2. I am going through this right now. It is making me so mad! Did you get yours fixed? If so how?
  196. Craig Quartermaine 7 months Ago  
    Hi Simon ,

    Any info on the update disabling cable devices ? I have a cable that links ipods and iphones to my tv and has stopped working since the update. Is there a way around it ? I'll assume its just another money grab .

    1. There were some stories about third-party chargers being dangerous, but we’re skeptical http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/explosions-electrocution-fatal-phone-accidents-are-rarer-than-you-think/ it does just look like a way for Apple to make more money. Apparently the official cables have an authenticator chip in them, so I don’t think there’s an easy workaround.

  197. GORGEOUSGEORGE1 7 months Ago  
    my screen will enlarge itself(just big enough so that i cant log in) and i have to reboot it. It used to do it on ios 6 but once a month, since downloading ios7 it happens 5 times a day
    1. How does it "enlarge itself"?
  198. Samarth Desai 7 months Ago  
    My iphone 5 has developed this weird thing which switches to speaker phone as soon as i pick up any calls or the opposite person picks up my call.. is there any solution to this problem ? please let me know if u can..
    1. I used to have this problem and -- believe it or not -- ultimately discovered that it was due to my cheek hitting the speaker button on screen when the phone was pressed to my ear. once i was conscious of it, i held the phone a little differently and it stopped happening.

    2. Try Settings > General > Accessibility > Physical & Motor > Incoming Calls Double check what's the phone is set to. There are options for Default, Headset and Speaker
  199. iphone is sht 7 months Ago  
    my wifi turn greyed
    1. help simon hill
      1. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
        1. yes
        2. I tried turning it off and on and reset all network but It didn't work
    2. Check the steps under Bug: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not working above. Let us know if anything works for you, I don't have any other fixes right now.

      1. It didn't work
        1. please help me
          1. My Wifi n Bluetooth wont work either, is the an update out yet that could help, im all the way in Jamaica Plz help me!!!!
  200. susanelizabethspann 7 months Ago  
    My problem is with iTunes Store. I had to delete many apps bedore installing iOS 7. Some of them could not be retrieved. Now I noticed half my songs got deleted from the phone. I hit the cloud. Error message said song could not be downloaded. Went to iTunes Store purchased not on this phone. Literally all my songs are stuck in the cloud. I try to download from there and get the same message. Also could not purchase new songs either, so it's not just the old ones, but also the new ones. AppleCare walked me through a soft reset, but that didn't clear the purchased list in order to try the songs from the cloud again. Oh, and every so often, I get the message: iTunes Store not supported in this country. I was able to finally pull all desired songs from the cloud on an older phone that doesn't have the new iOS, but I want them back on my newer phone. However, it sounds like the new iOS messed up something with my phone itself since it is an across the board issue with anything that utilizes the store - App Store, iTunes Store, etc. Any solution?
    1. I'm not too sure about this one, but there's a thread here - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5324398 that sounds similar, might be worth trying some of the solutions in there. Good luck and let us know if you find anything that works.

      1. my wifi turn greyed how to fix it ?
  201. applecontrol 7 months Ago  
    CHEAP CABLES - has anyone else noticed that when you use a non Apple cable, a message flags up warning that the cable 'might not work'? I always have spare chargers around the house and I don't wish to pay £10 for every extra cable - is there a work around for this? This has been the final nail in the coffin for my relationship with Apple - it's just so cynical and controlling that I have lost interest is the brand.
    1. I get the warning that my cheap charger may not be supported but it still charged my phone. :-)
  202. Designerdrew 7 months Ago  
    CHEAP CABLES - has anyone else noticed since installing ios7 that if you use a non Apple cable a warning flags up telling you that it 'might' not be supported? I always buy spare cables to plug the phone in other parts of the house, twice its run out of juice overnight, so I've not been woken by the alarm. This has to be the ultimate ridiculously petty Apple control issue. Do they really need to control EVERYTHING in my digital life? Is anyone aware of any work-arounds?
    1. There were some stories about third-party chargers being dangerous, but we're skeptical http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/explosions-electrocution-fatal-phone-accidents-are-rarer-than-you-think/ it does just look like a way for Apple to make more money. Apparently the official cables have an authenticator chip in them, so I don't think there's an easy workaround.

    2. I get the warning that my cheap cable no be supported but it still charged my phone. :-)
  203. B.K. Smith 7 months Ago  
    First, this is a great help and list.
    I have two of these problems. So ridiculous
    My waiter today, at lunch, was telling me he was waiting two or three months to upgrade the iOS. He told me he thought Apple was really going downhill, but as a long time user he was giving them another six months before switching everything over.
    I asked him what he meant by "long time" user, since I have been using Mac for three years myself.
    He said he bought his first Mac in 2003, while in still in college.
    Man, I hope Apple is really thinking about taking a breather and just fixing all this s#$t before they lose more folks in 2014...
    1. LOL 2003. Come back when you find someone who was using a Mac before the iPod came out.
    2. I've used Apple products since 1986 - i hate iOS7 and I'm very disappointed with the post-Jobs Apple.
  204. mickey.berlin.5 7 months Ago  
    Phone showing charger to connect to iTunes wont work
  205. mickey.berlin.5 7 months Ago  
    My phone is stuck on with a charger pointing to iTunes logo what do I do to fix this
    1. Ours did that too and when we hooked up the phone to Itunes the only option was to restore back to factory settings! Yes, back to factory lost EVERYTHING, except what we could get back from icloud and no IOS 7. Sorry that you had the same trouble. We are afraid to even try it again, but we have lost everything so it wont matter if we try again..:/
    2. What happens if you hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together until the iPhone reboots? If that doesn't help then try here - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808

      1. My iPhone 5 is doing this, and the reboot did not work, it is still stuck.
      2. Simon....any idea how to get gmail back on Ipad after the update last night? Says imap.gmail.com not responding....
  206. Troy Mullens 7 months Ago  
    I went to Setting, General, Reset Network connections and that worked for my wi-fi problem (iPhone 5s and IOS 7)
  207. Manfred 7 months Ago  
    How do I change sleep settings in IOS7?
    1. It seems Apple forgot this feature in IOS7... I can't read my newspaper because this useless update decides to doze off after a couple of seconds and then performs an unauthorised shutdown!
    2. Settings > General > Auto-lock

  208. tina.masterman 7 months Ago  
    I have tried every solution posted on the web, but I still can't open the iTunes store app on my phone since updating. I have an iPhone 5 and have even gone as far as resetting and deleting my phone and setting it all up again. Will they have a solution soon, it is really annoying now!!
    1. Same exact problems here. On two devices after upgrade.
      I predict that next week Apple gets hammered in the press/media. And, not just the regular stuff the media/press try to backlash with - it'll be all the real sh#$.
    2. This is Apple's support page - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1368 but I'm guessing nothing there is going to solve your problem. If we find another fix, other than what's in the article above, we'll definitely post it. If anyone has an idea please share.

    3. hi tina.. had the same problem.. try this.. first, got to settings>itunes and app store and sign out from your itunes account. now open app store>updates>purchased>sign in. sign in with your apple id here. it should work now.. cheers!
  209. Anne Hilliker 7 months Ago  
    how do i disable the passcode lock?
    1. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and Turn Passcode Off.

  210. Espeon 7 months Ago  
    The update that fixes the lock screen bypass is actually out now.
    1. You're right. I'll update the article soon. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to get the fix.

  211. ClareClare 7 months Ago  
    The new iOS7 makes my eyes hurt and makes me feel dizzy. I have tried turning off the motion button but it makes no difference. I also dislike the garish colours which as an Artist make me wince. Wish I could go back to iOS 6! Is there anything else to do to make the zooming in and out less painful? ClareClare
    1. Try plugging it into itunes and restoring back to factory settings. Just make sure you have gotten everything off worth saving.
      1. Thanks Tara...will think about it...not sure if I am brave enough! Will ask around and see if anyone else has done this .....Clare
    2. Beyond Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion I don't think there's much else you can do. Other people are definitely suffering too. You could make sure you have a static wallpaper via Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and choose from Stills or your own photos. It's possible that larger text will help via Settings > General > Text Size. You could reduce transparency via Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast. But the zoom animations are probably the real problem and you can't get rid of them right now.

      1. Thanks Simon.....have done most of the above.....so will just have to hope Apple make a few changes.....and soon! There should be a toggle button to turn off the zooming.....the colours are very brash but can live with that. However, nine your old niece says iOS7 is very Cool!!
  212. Erga Group 7 months Ago  
    the microphone and the front camera are not working after the ios7 update :( any help?
    1. Is it a specific app for the microphone or just in general? You could try going to Settings > Privacy > Microphone and make sure it's enabled for the apps you're trying to use.

      As for the front camera I see a lot of people have encountered the same issue, but I haven't found a fix. If you're able to take it into an Apple Store then I'd try that. I'll post a fix if I find one.

      1. Taking it to the Apple Store is a waste of time. They will deny that there is a problem. I have sent a letter to their corporate office - it's been three weeks - overnight mail, and no one has bothered to get back to me on this issue. They are not holding themselves accountable for the probelm that they created with this IOS 7 upgrade. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit against them regarding this problem, please let us know. Thanks.
  213. dan.andrews.121 7 months Ago  
    My issue with os 7 is everytime I receive or make a phone call I either end up putting the caller on "hold" or the number buttons on the screen get "pushed" as if I am getting ready to make another call. I did not have this problem with os 6!
    Any help?
  214. dominic.dymond 7 months Ago  
    It seems like the best advice for every one is wipe you're device and restore ios through dfu mode and then set the device up one account at a time.
  215. dominic.dymond 7 months Ago  
    That's actually a sizable list.... with some being deal breakers like bypassing the lock screen with toggle access, and the blue tooth/wifi issues.. Not cool that they wouldn't catch this before it went to the public.. although I like iPhones im an android (note series) user and just trolling lol
    But I did expect better from Apple. I guess with there device list being larger then ever before it's becoming more difficult to support them all equally. I commend them for staying true and keeping all current (3yo or newer) devices updated.
  216. Pamela Cassidy 7 months Ago  
    Since iOs 7 downloaded, on the ibook, you used to highlight a word and press define. NO internet/wifi was required, now this function does n't seem to work anymore. You get refferred to a dictionary but need internet to access and there is no simple way back to the page. Any ideas ??
    1. Click on a word like you normally would. Hit the "define" button. Then hit the "manage" button. Now download whatever dictionary you want.
  217. Muhammad Faisal 7 months Ago  
    After updating to IOS 7, I am not getting any email notification on lock screen and also nothing like banner for any email alert.

    Is there any one help me out??

    Thanks & Regards,
    1. Try going to Settings > Notification Center and check your settings in there. I haven't seen anything about this problem, but I'll post a fix if I find one.

    2. Same thing happened to me !! I'm not getting any push notifications even though the ones I want are set that way. Facebook keeps asking me to sign in with an old email address that I haven't used in 3 years. Imessage not working, etc. !! GRRRRRR

      Just downloaded the 7.0.2 update, hopefully this will solve the issues!
      1. NOPE, same crap !!
        1. My issue has been automatically resolved, when I restarted my iPhone Twice. One thing which I also did before restarting was to reconfigure one of the email accounts.
          1. I will try that as my issues are still not resolved. Thank you !!
  218. John Watson 7 months Ago  
    Since installing ios7 I can't download App updates? I have about 30 waiting to be updated on my IPad . I have tried turning off wi-fi but it makes no difference. Has anyone else had this problem and have you worked out how to fix it? I had a similar number on me iphone and had no trouble updating them after installing ios7.
    1. You could try going to Settings > General > Usage delete each app that is stuck and then reboot the device and try installing them again.

      Alternatively try going to Settings > iTunes & App Store and log out and then reboot the device.

      Let us know if this helps or if you find another solution.

      1. Many thanks Simon

        The second suggestion with the reboot worked perfectly.
        1. Excellent, glad it worked, thanks for letting us know.

          1. You shouldn't have to reboot your iPad all the time if Apple had done a proper job
      2. I tried both options - none worked for me! Both apps are bigger than 1 GB ...
    2. Same thing happened to me on first update a few days ago. They randomly showed up -- I deleted a few and reopened in the App store -- some still don't work however. On the 2nd update (IPAD only) I've lost gmail.
    3. Same problem here. Here's what fixed it for me. Go to Updates, click the "Not on my Phone" tab at the top. If you have any huge apps, for me they were Pages and numbers, if you try to download them, you are prompted for a WiFi connection. Until you connect to WiFi and download and update these apps, you will not be able to update any of the other (smaller) ones. It's really ridiculous.
  219. allan.rfa 7 months Ago  
    My problem is related to Bluetooth - iPad 2. headphones and car kit only goes by the left front Channel or left headphone speaker

    Have rest ipad an reset the devices, including resetting the paired devices
    1. Seems that there are a few strange Bluetooth issues. Other than deleting the Bluetooth profile on your iPad, turning it off (hold Sleep/Wake and Home button until it shuts down), then deleting the Bluetooth connections on your devices, I'm not sure what else you can try.

  220. lucidme 7 months Ago  
    Awesome advice!
  221. KristenGal50 7 months Ago  
    Some apps now have no sound. It seems that if they have sound they first ask for access to the microphone. Help.
    1. This is probably caused by a specific app. Someone in the Apple support forum found that removing SoundCloud fixed their issue, but it could be another app. I'd start by removing anything audio related one at a time and see if you can find the culprit. Let us know if you do.

  222. nancy.s.hancock 7 months Ago  
    One problem I'm having is that every time I try to delete an email message I get the error: "Unable to Move Message - The message could not be moved to the mailbox Trash." Is anyone else having this problem? How can I fix it?
    1. Hi! I would suggest that you delete the email account and re-add it.
      Settings > Mail, contacts and calendars, tap on the affected account. Then choose delete account. This will not cause data loss. Next re-add the account, by tapping on "add account". This will require your password for your email account of course. Also, if you use an unusual email service provider, you may also need to obtain the settings for the account. However for the vast majority of users this is not necessary since Apple will fill in the settings for the more common email service providers. This should fix it. In the unlikely event it does not, who is your email service provider?