‘Mass Effect 4’ and ‘Dragon Age 3’ will embrace the next-gen consoles with next-gen graphics


Dragon Age 3

BioWare, Electronic Arts’ role-playing game mill, has its nose to the grindstone with the next round of sequels to its most recent series. Mass Effect 4 is on the way (only it won’t really be Mass Effect 4). Dragon Age 3: Inquisition has been in a variety of production stages over the past two years, and all that’s clear is that EA and BioWare want to tailor it to whatever customers say they want. What consoles will these games be on, though? Maybe PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, maybe the PlayStation 4 and Next Xbox, definitely PCs? Definitely the latter three based on word from BioWare.

The next Mass Effect game and Dragon Age 3: Inquisition will both run on DICE’s shiny new Frostbite 3 engine. Those games didn’t put in an appearance at GDC 2013 when DICE debuted Battlefield 4, but the studio’s new general manager Aaryn Flynn confirmed on Twitter that those sequels will use the same tech. 

“For everyone who’s been asking after the BF4 reveal, DA3 and the next Mass Effect are also using Frostbite 3,” said Flynn, “It’s awesome.”

Prior to Flynn’s announcement, all that was known was that these sequels would use a new engine. Dragon Age 3 at least started out using Frostbite 2, though. “We are working on a new engine which we believe will allow us to deliver a more expansive world, better visuals, more reactivity to player choices, and more customization,” said producer Mark Darrah in December, “We’ve started with Frostbite 2 from DICE as a foundation to accomplish this.”

If the engine technology has changed yet again, it’s questionable whether or not these games will make it out to current consoles after all. One thing, at least, seems like a guarantee. Mass Effect 3 on Wii U won’t be followed by the next Mass Effect game. DICE confirmed for Eurogamer during a GDC interview that the Frostbite 3 engine does not support Nintendo’s new console. “The biggest problem we have right now is we don’t want to back down from what we see as our low spec machines,” said DICE’s Patrick Bach, “We right now don’t have support for the Wii U in the Frostbite engine. The reason for that is it takes development time.” That’s bad news for the Wii U’s future prospects, as Epic Games also confirmed to us that the Wii U would not run Unreal 4 either.

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  1. melnao 12 months Ago  
    you know what, as much as the ending of the ME trilogy sucked, overall I really enjoyed the story, the missions, and most definitely the character and how they glued everything together. It was a fun couple years with ME and yeah I was pissed as heck at the ending like 90% of the devoted fans out there. It wasn't about the fact that Commander Shepard died, in actuality I kind of saw the story headed that way and was ok with it. What kicked off set off my volcano was that after all the choices, all the romance, all the gains, loss and sacrifice....there was no closure. The ends justify the means? Not in this case Mordin. I remember sitting in front of the ps3 watching the scenes all play out in front of me to the end and then....well, let's just say I'm still waiting for a TRUE ending. An honorable one that does Shepard justice to be exact. Still, great game and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a strong enough mentality and can see pass the ending. Definitely looking forward to the next trilogy in the ME world, and praying for a much better outcome this time. Hopefully, BioWare and EA understand what they're doing second time around. Looking forward to it!! :)
  2. bane.canra 12 months Ago  
    i would want to see something like you can be the main charicter or make your own, but in make your own you can pick the race, gender, hight, body style ( scronny to muscular ) and a casual armor editor. to make custom outfits, also a co-op campain would be sick, in cutsenes make another guy who cant die untill maybe the ending and when your friend joins there the other guy, kinda like carver in dead space 3. because i am a turian fan girl and i would like to make a fanfic garrus's sister as my char :p
  3. luminde 1 year Ago  
    I think the best way to make the player's choice at the end of ME3 really matter would be to make a sequel, not a prequel.

    I admit, I felt exactly the same as Nordic_Father90: when I saw how Shep's story would end, I was actually enraged. Like, REALLY angry. I refused to finish my own playthrough (I watched my brother finish his story) and left it for about a year.

    By that time though I had cooled off and was bored and wanted a game to play. So I picked up ME1 and started from the beginning. As I made my way through ME1 and ME2, I felt that the story was heading in the direction of the ME3 ending. What I mean is, I could see why BioWare chose to write the ending in that manner.

    Now I honestly think that wanting Shep to survive because you became really attached to him or her is naive. I felt the same way the first time, so I totally understand that sentiment. But the more I thought about the story (the scale of the war, the overwhelming force of the Reapers, the chances of ONE person finding any success at all in such a setting), the more I felt the ending was justified.

    Not to say that making it the same three choices for ANYONE'S playthrough was a good move. Seriously BioWare, what were you thinking? What I mean is, the METHOD in which they presented the ending was ridiculous and underdeveloped (the choices, or lackthereof), but the CONTENT of the endings is sound.

    I didn't know that BioWare has another game for ME in the works when I came to this conclusion. Now that I know, I'm kinda excited to see where they take the ending. There is so much potential for the story now!

    Of course, that all depends on which direction in time BioWare is going to follow.

    If it's a prequel, then I'm not playing it. I absolutely refuse to play a prequel. That's the one thing I'm adamant about. The only way our choices (term used loosely here) at the end of ME3 will matter is if we see what comes after.

    What I really want to see in ME4 is a Milky Way that would be vastly different depending on what we chose in ME3. For instance, if I chose to destroy the Reapers, then the social (e.g. galactic society still terrified of AI), economic (broken relays and no controlled or "synthesised" Reapers to fix them) and political (Krogan-Turian relations still intact?) repercussions of that should be reflected in ME4.

    Lol. Even as I'm writing this comment I can see how much blood, sweat and tears it would take for BioWare to do this.

    If BioWare could make ME3 a stepping stone to a significantly different galaxy for each player, but also keep the game one where the player writes their own story, then I would gladly purchase the next one, dead Shep or no.
  4. zen.hitoshi 1 year Ago  
    stop making DLCs
  5. lala.zhara.7 1 year Ago  
    First off keep the homosexual romances cause it keeps it diversed and second they can still rework Shepard into the game because my Shepard at the end rose her hand out of the gravel basically giving the idea that she still lived . So I say to bioware just start a new story but just rework Shepard back into cause you will lose all if your core fans and No frostbite !!!!!!!
    1. ya u got that right...i love shepard ..:D
  6. Solid Snake 1 year Ago  
    They completely screwed up when they decided to make mass effect 4 or rather the next mass effect game on frostbite. With frostbite 2, EA made it to where it looks better than it feels. They did alright on BF3 but frostbite doesnt work for mass effect. Unreal engine 3 was perfect for mass effect 3 and they should use the brand spanking new unreal engine 4 for the next game. Now its gonna be just what i feared, the next game wont feel anything like the last and there wont be that connection that was there for ME3. I wanted to get away from the FPS feel or anything that ran like it. Its bad enough that the Shepard trilogy is over but now its gonna play completely different on frostbite 2.5... cough i mean frostbite 3.
  7. Nordic_Father90 1 year Ago  
    Unlike the previous individual who commented, I would be very interested to play another ME trilogy. Though like him I was very upset with the initial ending to ME3 and the first ME trilogy. THAT was a very big mistake on the part of the game developers. You cannot put us through half a decade of morality decisions, watch us get so attached to the main characters, and then throw it all out the window just so you can say it is over. ME3 could have ended the franchise on a very good and solid note WITHOUT having to kill of not only the most loved character in the game, but also our hopes for the ending we want. I will admit the first time I saw the ending I refused to finish my own game, I would not watch my character die and all my choices amount to nothing. But after a time, and with the addition of the extended version (which did help give us some closure) I was able to finish the game as best I could. I never stopped loving the series, but the ending was a tough pill to swallow.

    Here are my tips for the next ME series:
    (2) The only alien race I could possibly enjoy playing would be a Turian, that is, a Turian like Garrus, my second favorite character in the franchise. Otherwise, stick with the human lead.
    (3) Pull back just a little bit on the homosexual ideas. We get it, it's the future and everyone is tolerant and accepting, that doesn't mean I want to have Cortez hitting on me through half the game. I'm fine with the homosexual romances, just don't make them so...obvious right away.
    (4) Lastly, expand the content a little more. What I mean is give us more Weapons, armor, clothing, and customization for ALL of them. I'd LOVE to be able to put some more gadgets and my own insignia on my M55 Argus, my Phaeston, or my Krysae (my favorite weapons in the game), as well as my armor.

    Please stay true to the ME fans, and don't screw us over this time. We are giving you a second chance, there will NOT be a third.
    1. so you saying that every thing should end with rainbows and sun shine?
  8. SamAxe 1 year Ago  
    I'm not going to play another Mass Effect game ever again. They better call it something else, because I think 80% of players never got over those endings. I have seen a fair share of bitter sweet endings during my gaming life, but never have I seen a bitter sweet ending that didn't have anything sweet about it at all, as in Mass Effect 3. The fact that players reacted the way they did is a compliment enougt to BioWare and EA, meaning that we really connected whit that story but more importantly with the characters. So, my conclusion is that developers should really "listen" to players because we were really clear about what we wanted, so don't make the same mistake again, trust me nobody likes being rickrolled twice, especially not fans.Nobody ruins years of good work in less than five minutes of lousy cutscenes and a poor explanation without acknowledging bad choices, we don't want your apology just suck it up and keep up your work because we need you to understand ... Commander Shepard is dead, we got the message, you got it your way this time, but you just lost one customer for the Mass Effect franchise and where there is one there are more.... HOLD THE LINE!!!!