Pee-controlled urinal games heading for US after creator secures $700k in funding


We first reported on Captive Media’s pee-controlled urinal-based video game technology exactly a year ago, with the firm at the time trialing them in UK bars to see if it’d make a splash with peeing punters there.

It evidently did. The latest news is that the firm has secured $700,000 in early-stage funding to help take the high-tech urinals beyond European shores, with a US launch likely at some point in the near future. 

The latest investment comes from six groups, including Cambridge-based technology fund Martlet and tech investor Mike Ullmann of Prodigy Finance.

The technology comprises a 12-inch LCD screen that fits just above the urinal and an infrared beam that detects the direction of a user’s pee. New urinals aren’t required, and few alterations are made to the existing ones, so it’s really just a matter of fitting the screens.

Clever Dick

As a visitor to the washroom approaches a urinal, an ad from one of its 12 ‘PTV’ channels begins playing on the monitor. Once the pee begins to flow, it automatically switches to gaming mode, allowing the urinator to engage in games such as Clever Dick and On The Piste using only the power of his pee.

“Sophisticated algorithms then allow the user to do something simple, but very engaging – controlling the system just by aiming their stream left or right,” Captive Media says on its website.

The games have been specially designed to prevent a player splashing outside of the bowl – indeed, the system ensures the majority of the delivery ends up inside the bowl, something that fails to happen all too often in some drinking establishments.

Score center

The system has proved so popular with the peeing public that its maker has even launched an online score center to show off the scores of the most skillful players.

Commenting on the success of the system, Captive Media co-founder Mark Melford said in a statement, “Since receiving a huge amount of media attention, we’ve been overwhelmed with enquiries from all over the world. People are responding to the fun, the interactivity and ‘talkability’ of our medium. Through the games and element of competition we’re really putting ‘social’ and outdoor media together for the first time.”

Bars, restaurants, hotels and airports are showing a keen interest in the urinal-based technology, while an increasing number of businesses are looking to advertise their wares on PTV.

“According to published research, the average visit time for a UK male is 55 seconds – equivalent to two standard TV ad slots,” its maker said, claiming that “test promotions with brands have resulted in sales spikes of over 40 percent.”

[via TheNextWeb]

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  1. Jeff Burgess 1 year Ago  
    Just what we need more to do at Urinals than cruise
  2. Elizabeth Peggs 1 year Ago  
    Now Guys are going to start going to he bathroom in groups!
  3. Quinn Borland 1 year Ago  
    I never run out of piss.
  4. Tony Fox 1 year Ago  
    "Hey Tony! Lets go already" "Hold on I'm AL....MOST done with this level, god damn it! I ran out of piss! STUPID GAME!"
  5. Nick Contreras 1 year Ago  
    Lol I think this is stupid and unsanitary, I don't understand why we would need to play a game for a min while we take a whizz ha.
  6. Cameron Salehpour 1 year Ago  
    waist of tax money -__- wtf people pee for less than one min wtf is the point?
    1. Tax money? Do you think the government is paying for bars to install these?
  7. Carol Bibby 1 year Ago  
    Dave Kirby here is your idea..kinda.
  8. Ron Sheridan 1 year Ago  
    If it turns out there are cameras in those screens, some people are gonna be Pissed!
  9. Paul Price 1 year Ago  
    will it show how fast you pea?
  10. Adam Vondersaar 1 year Ago  
    Pretty sure its controlled by the sensors in the urinal.
  11. Carol Huston 1 year Ago  
    What on earth are they thinking :) very unsanitary !
  12. Skottie O'Mahony 1 year Ago  
    What is this world coming to?
  13. Lisa Giesick 1 year Ago  
    oh, the bacteria...nasty
  14. Michael John Thomas III 1 year Ago  
    Ya touch the screen with the hand not doing all the work, ya dingus. How are ya suppose to use the same hand that's holding ya D?
  15. Shalini Latchman 1 year Ago  
    haha really?
  16. Tiffany Terveen 1 year Ago  
    That's gross! All those screens being touched after touching penis! Wow not hygienic at all
  17. Taft N Christie Seal 1 year Ago  
    LMAO.... its about time! T
  18. Robin Raskin 1 year Ago  
    Can't wait to see the girl
  19. David W. Russell 1 year Ago  
    I can see big scoreboards mounted in the bar that show a patron's score. Imagine cheering your buddy or sweetheart on as they pee their way to victory or the groans for one with a prostate problem and the agony of defeat.
  20. Manual Door 1 year Ago  
    why would i want to touch something that was previously touched by someone previously handling a penis
  21. Mark Ballard 1 year Ago  
  22. Bill Howard 1 year Ago  
    One in the middle has a webcam. I think.
  23. Bianca Noemi 1 year Ago  
    Man Up Magazine: Is this Man enough?
  24. Nattie Knight 1 year Ago  
    Imagine the germs... Ewwwwwweeeee...!!
  25. Dawud Shabazz 1 year Ago  
    At least the bathroom looked like they cleaned regularly.
  26. Joe Folsom 1 year Ago  
    Brings new meaning to "Touch Screen" technology.
  27. Dave Wright 1 year Ago  
    And we need this because???
  28. Russian Pride 1 year Ago  
    *twitchy left eye*
  29. Ed Glaser 1 year Ago  
    Hmmm... A pee controlled "slot machine", over the urinal! Yup! Vegas, all the way! :-P
  30. Corey Davis 1 year Ago  
    This is just nasty on so many levels...gross
  31. Michael Shaffer 1 year Ago  
    If they had a few screen photos of our our most un-favorite politicians showing up there, I'd sure as hell play. That would make for a much more enjoyable piss!
  32. Sunny Lowdown 1 year Ago  
    I made a mistake and thought the screen in the back of a NYC taxicab was one of these. The cab driver wasn't too happy with me.
  33. Leon Erlanger 1 year Ago  
  34. Shayne Johnson 1 year Ago  
    well thank god, ive been waiting! sorry ladies, men only...
  35. William Van Winkle 1 year Ago  
    I sure hope those aren't touchscreens.
  36. Shani Zaheer 1 year Ago  
    Wow... i hope that explains it.
  37. George Soulier 1 year Ago  
    This should encourage consumption; I mean, who wants to run out of ammo?
  38. Hugh Collins 1 year Ago  
    Because the boredom of standing at a urinal for a few moments to pee is unbearable... I simply must be entertained.
  39. Jose Ibarra Jr. 1 year Ago  
    The new "WII PISS"
  40. Jacob Jarvis 1 year Ago  
    sorry yo
  41. Jacob Jarvis 1 year Ago  
  42. Jose Ibarra Jr. 1 year Ago  
    Thought peanuts on bar was bad this must be better i guess.....shake it and play...hahahahhaha
  43. George Lewycky 1 year Ago  
    thanks for the warning
  44. Maurice Jones 1 year Ago  
    Thats very very strange...
  45. Steven Spencer 1 year Ago  
    who pees longenough to play a game is my question
  46. Matt Brown 1 year Ago  
    hurry up man.. I gotta go real bad!
  47. Matt Brown 1 year Ago  
    eeww.. touch everyone's junk! hahaha..
  48. Sharon Williams 1 year Ago  
    Hope they've got good aim. Gross
  49. Shirley Overfelt 1 year Ago  
    This rocks!!
  50. Stacey Keepingmyfaith Shaw 1 year Ago  
    Wow! Not at the urinals. Maybe in the stalls. Be nice to play madden while taking a shit
  51. Venittaya Chaya 1 year Ago  
    This is ridiculous! Imagine if they made something like this for women. Haha, that would be weird!
  52. Cuong Le 1 year Ago  
    kool. I want one of this at homee !!
  53. Debra Anderson 1 year Ago  
    Bring your own joystick! Ba da dum!
  54. Debra Anderson 1 year Ago  
    Wow! if it's successful then the poop edition won't be far behind!
  55. Teresa Andre 1 year Ago  
    Big brother is watching lol!
  56. James M. Tecco 1 year Ago  
    This is nasty.
  57. Andy Stearman 1 year Ago  
    700k for this stupid bullshit? Damn is that a horrible idea. That money could of been spent feeding someone in need or just about anything productive..
  58. Ron Harman 1 year Ago  
    Perect! Will it be an Apple product? I hope!
  59. Roger Westmont 1 year Ago  
    Who dreamed up this piss poor idea ?
  60. Damon Schmitt 1 year Ago  
    Oh yes, I want a touch screen where people piss. Good plan.
  61. Jeshe Burch 1 year Ago  
    I hope those aren't touch screens and I hope there's a way to share my stats online, lol.
  62. Angela Lorraine Sigears 1 year Ago  
    Are you serious?!???
  63. Dennis Bares 1 year Ago  
    the next guy inline gets to wet his pants while pee-pee gamer plays on ..
  64. Eliot Tucker 1 year Ago  
    As if women weren't jealous of peeing like a guy enough.
  65. Phil Luckscheider 1 year Ago  
    It's stupid and gross. I wouldn't touch it.
  66. Nathan Papadopulos 1 year Ago  
    Give me a sanitary wipe! A touch screen over a urinal, just gross.
  67. Chuck Bolster 1 year Ago  
    i saw this coming yrs ago
  68. Mark McGuinness 1 year Ago  
    And some think time on Facebook is pissing away time! ;)
  69. Patrick Downs 1 year Ago  
    what's next? x-rated video kiosks at the Trojan machines/displays?
  70. Zeke Sabrok 1 year Ago  
    This is retarded. If you pee on my feet while you watching stupid shit I will have to stab you.
  71. Squid Lana 1 year Ago  
    Ya i can just see it, guy gets a high score and turns to the next guy and "HEY look at this!" what is the average piss time? 15 sec? why are you there? because you need to pee and get back to whatever your there for...short sited, now if the made them for the women's bathroom that would work!
  72. Jude Augusta 1 year Ago  
    Won't work with adult content.
  73. Ranjan Kini 1 year Ago  
    news or games?
  74. Sandy Ratgirl King 1 year Ago  
  75. Ray Ho A Lim 1 year Ago  
    There's no way a dude is gonna play game/piss next to me.... Lights out son!!!
  76. Russian Pride 1 year Ago  
    *twitchy left eye*
  77. Kris Osburn 1 year Ago  
    Shut the front door ! Let's get them going on basics first please ! Potty training...putting the lid down (NEVER had that problem @ my house,3 boys & a huz.) public-eew in the toilet & washing hands, it's so simple-not frick'n war games !
  78. PsyOnic Arts 1 year Ago  
    If those are touch screens, all I can think of is GROSS!
  79. Chrysler Miggy 1 year Ago  
    Are they sure there's no camera in there? Lol pisstime instead of facetime
  80. Jim Spiliotis 1 year Ago  
    What would be cool is if it used a MS Kinnect to control it... then the whole touch aspect would be avoided...
  81. Derek Sin Ister Doyle 1 year Ago  
    thats if its a touch screen or w/e
  82. Derek Sin Ister Doyle 1 year Ago  
    bit to multi tasking if you can use the internet especially while pissing lol :)
  83. Johnny Rios 1 year Ago  
    I'm not a fan of this! :-/
  84. Joe Barros 1 year Ago  
    I want to pee in peace. This is getting a little ridiculous!
  85. Dyron Beavers 1 year Ago  
    Is this a good idea? An d why would anyone want to touch the screen?
  86. Jerusha Morrison Aspelin 1 year Ago  
    I wonder how that would work in the women's bathroom. Just not enough room in the stall.
  87. Juan Castillo 1 year Ago  
    How can I ad an advertise there?
  88. Alan Hughes 1 year Ago  
    This should be plenty awkward for people with prostate problems.
  89. Tina Morrison Kohring 1 year Ago  
  90. Tina Morrison Kohring 1 year Ago  
  91. Michael Purcell 1 year Ago  
    Money down the drain happens all the time. Why not try to profit on it? I too think this is strange but good luck to the inventor.
  92. Nathan Hurt 1 year Ago  
    I hope their not touchscreen!
  93. Donald R Wester 1 year Ago  
    the first plate I see those in will lose my business.
  94. Sebastian Junior 1 year Ago  
  95. Rhonda Holt 1 year Ago  
    Who wants to touch the screen after someone has peed. If that goes in the woman bathroom the line would never move. Lol
  96. Florin Melen 1 year Ago  
    that's the dumbest idea ever...
  97. Jamie Hofacker 1 year Ago  
    That's gross I wouldnt touch those screens after everyone else has pissed and touched them
  98. Eugene Karasz 1 year Ago  
  99. David Hliva 1 year Ago  
    Good Lord, like your going to be in there long enough.. PMSL
  100. David Penn 1 year Ago  
    What funny lol
  101. Gary M Tudor 1 year Ago  
    This is absolutely crazy.
  102. Roberto Rob Knives Nieves 1 year Ago  
    GOing to a bar just got better.
  103. Caleb Denison 1 year Ago  

    Son of a B*@CH!!!! How many people have had this idea and never tried to make it a reality? A lot, I'd bet. I certainly did. $700K in funding? I'm in the wrong business.

  104. Gr8Music 1 year Ago  
    We need these in Wisconsin! Actually, Wisconsinites have extremely good aim. Our problem is with the FIBs (f*cking Illinois Bastards) peeing all over the floor. While it's true that they are much smaller, the game may still help.
  105. Swim 1 year Ago  
    I don't think i pee long enough to play a game like that. Maybe holding it in for a few days before I play the game would do the trick!
  106. miniy 1 year Ago  
    good idea