PayTango lets you pay for stuff using your fingerprints



Explained in detail on the startup’s official site, PayTango is a system that links a person’s fingerprint with a form of payment like a credit card or debit card. Rather than having to pull out a credit card from a purse or wallet, a customer simply places their index and middle finger on the biometric fingerprint scanner and the software automatically recognizes the user. Tied directly into a merchant’s point-of-sale system, the payment method linked to the fingerprint is automatically charged. Not specifically limited to payments, fingerprints could also be linked to a store’s loyalty or discount program, thus avoiding an additional scan during the checkout process.

PayTango in actionDeveloped by a team of four students preparing to graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, the initial test run of PayTango is occurring at three locations on the Carnegie Mellon campus. In order to setup a new account with PayTango, students and other customers can register at the terminal when checking out.

After scanning their fingerprints, the customer slides the card they want linked to the account and enter their cell phone number to complete the registration process. The entire process can be accomplished in approximately six seconds according to a Vine video published by the team.

According to Techcrunch, the cost of each device is currently about “between $1,500 and $1,700,” however the team is working to reduce the overall manufacturing cost and are interested in rolling out the payment tool on a wider basis around the Carnegie Mellon campus. The team is looking to install the hardware in locations that have a high volume of customers in addition to requiring speedy payment options. Besides fast food locations around campus, the PayTango could also be installed at businesses that require memberships like gyms. Ideally, this would allow members to cut down on what they have to carry into the gym.

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  1. andras.virag 1 year Ago  
    Unfortunately making a copy of a fingerprint is a relative easy and well documented on the net. No thank you.
  2. Ben Purdy 1 year Ago  
    it's about time
  3. Dale Kroll 1 year Ago  
    there's places here in the USA,where you can pay with a chip that is planted under your skin.
  4. Charles Chiejina 1 year Ago  
    Wouldn't be hard to implement at all.. just make it require everything a debit/credit card does... Get the tech to the banks and its the next visa. To avoid fraud. easy.

    -Pop up picture of whose finger the account is signed to when finger is scanned.
    -Require A pin Still, just like sliding a card. But honestly all is pointless if the first one can be done, and the cashier can confirm ownership.
  5. Dmnklr Modz 1 year Ago  
    Not just no, but heck no.
  6. Lee Rand 1 year Ago  
    Mark implanted on forehead on hand will work better. Wait and see....
  7. Robert Lennes 1 year Ago  
    I've always hoped tech like this, or retinal scans, doesn't become mainstream. The whole game of identity theft or robbery could change. Seriously, which would you rather have taken? Your wallet, or a body part? Neither is preferable, but what if?
  8. Ashik Abir 1 year Ago  
    but what about people with no finger prints?
  9. Eduardo Gonzalez 1 year Ago  
    A retina scan might be better
  10. Dave Peterson 1 year Ago  
    Car* not card.
    Car* not card.
  11. Dave Peterson 1 year Ago  
    Not a good idea at all, its so much harder to break the Luhn algorithm + a 4 digit pin then just lifting a fingerprint. What if someone knows where you live? Someone could just tape your fingerprint off your card or house doorknob. You can change your cc easily but how would you change your thumbprint if its stolen? Identity theft is already a concern and this just makes matters worse!
  12. Gabriel Bliss 1 year Ago  
    Not dangerous for ID theft at all. No sir. Jesus christ it's like those iphone car ignitions, who comes up with this stupid shit?!
  13. Desiree Holloway 1 year Ago  
    sounds prophetic...
  14. Desiree Holloway 1 year Ago  
  15. Jim Mutdosch 1 year Ago  
    Great idea. Seems safer and quicker. Hopefully will be available everywhere in the future.
  16. Clint Thompson 1 year Ago  
    Personally, I would have called it PayPrint because tango doesn't vibe well imo.
  17. Richard Michael 1 year Ago  
    no thanks.
  18. Luke Hayslip 1 year Ago  
    Buffalo Bill (Silence) will be the richest guy ever! :p
  19. Peggy Berk 1 year Ago  
    Am I the only one concerned about this? Imagine that phishers and hackers could now appropriate your fingerprints!
  20. Danielle J Breiner 1 year Ago  
    Hopefully that would put an end to Identity Theft. i would hope thst tbis new technology would aid in stopping Identity Thefy
  21. Odd-Magne Oddie Dahl 1 year Ago  
    Makes criminals cut of peoples fingers instead ;)