How one Russian millionaire wants to save the world … with immortal cyborgs


Dmitry Itskov

Dmitry Itskov has a plan to save humanity from impending doom. The question is whether we will still be “human,” if Itskov’s dreams come true.

At least, that’s one of the many, many questions.

The 32-year-old Russian mogul, who made his fortune as founder of the Web publishing company New Media Stars, is creator of the 2045 Initiative, a non-profit, and its Avatar project, which seeks to transpose human consciousness into artificial bodies within the next 30 years – cyborgs, in other words, a human-based singularity. It sounds outlandish, even impossible – the stuff of science fiction. But for Itskov, furthering human evolution by combining our consciousness with technology is not only possible, it is imperative; the only way to solve the crises that will one day face us all.

I first met Itskov on a blustery early-March day, in a private dining room beyond the suspiciously beautiful  patrons of Manhattan’s posh Standard Grill. Surrounded by mahogany walls and racks of wine bottles, Itskov laid out his vision of the future for a handful of journalists. For nearly three hours, we sat enraptured by Itskov, who might seem like Tony Stark if he weren’t so soft-spoken, almost bashful.

“Look at Iron Man, look at his suit. I think bodies of the future will be able to travel like that.”

“All the problems that we’re experiencing now are because of the nature of the human being, which is body, of course, and consciousness,” says Itskov, his face glowing behind the screen of his MacBook Air. “The whole Avatar project, the whole 2045 paradigm, is to develop the new body, the new carrier for the consciousness; and to understand what the consciousness is; and to develop the potential of the consciousness in the future.”

Itskov’s people called the meeting to discuss 2045′s release of an open letter to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, in which Itskov and his coalition of scientists, philosophers, and spiritual leaders asked the global body to embrace their vision of an avatar-filled future.

“Humanity essentially faces this choice: Slide into the abyss of global degradation, or find and realize a new model of development, a model capable of changing human consciousness and giving new meaning to life,” reads the letter.

“We believe that to move to a new stage of human evolution, mankind vitally needs a scientific revolution coupled with significant spiritual changes, inseparably linked, supplementing and supporting of each other. The vector of future development provided by technological advancement should assist the evolution of the consciousness of humanity, the individual and society, and be the transition to neo-humanity.”


According to Itskov, the current plan to save humanity and the environment from complete destruction – something known as sustainable development – is just not enough. The politicians in charge of carrying out sustainable development projects think too small, too short term, he says. We need another plan.

“This project could be – not a substitution – but it could actually be even better than sustainable development because creating a new body for the human will change everything,” says Itskov. “It will change infrastructure, it will change the way people think, it will completely change the world because we will understand that we are not simply those physical bodies who are born and then die.”

The 2045 Initiative would be easier to write off as the wild vision of a bored billionaire if it didn’t have so much brain power backing its message. The list of scientists involved in 2045 include names like Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, creator of the most lifelike humanoid robots in the world; Dr. George Church, a molecular geneticist and Harvard professor; MIT AI Lab co-founder, artificial intelligence pioneer Dr. Marvin Minsky; and nearly 30 other overachievers from a range of applicable disciplines. 

2045 congress speakers

This “transition to neo-humanity” starts with Avatar A, which involves controlling a robotic human replica remotely through a brain computer interface, or BCI. This step, says Itskov, is not far off.

“Modern science has already developed a way to transfer four senses,” he says. “And I assume the fifth, which is taste, won’t be difficult to develop because there are some examples of chips which can produce some type of data transfer to an artificial tongue.”

Itskov hopes to achieve Avatar A by the year 2020 – less than 10 years from today.

“I see that scenario when a person is given the anesthesia, and when he wakes up, he feels himself in the new body.”

The next step is, of course, Avatar B, which involves transplanting a human brain into an artificial body. This is merely a stepping stone to Avatar C, which will also involve the transplant of a human brain into an artificial body – but this time, the personality, memories, and everything that makes that person a person will remain intact.

“I see that scenario when a person is given the anesthesia, and when he wakes up, he feels himself in the new body,” says Itskov, his face completely straight. “Probably at the very beginning, [it will be] less natural than the original biological one. But he can feel what he’s used to feeling, to walk, to communicate. All the personal experience is saved. All the human knowledge.”

The final step in Initiative 2045 is Avatar D: The transposition of human consciousness in a network not unlike the Internet, which would allow people – if we could still call ourselves that – to jump into holographic “bodies” located all over the globe, in outerspace, or potentially on other planets.

“We will be able to travel just by transferring the consciousness to a new body,” says Itskov. “Look at Iron Man, look at his suit. I think bodies of the future will be able to travel like that. This body won’t need any shelter. The food will just be for memories, for pleasure, just for fun.”

Of course, to achieve his goal, Itskov needs money – more than he has, anyway, which is a detail about himself that he refused to share with our group. And this is where the second annual Global Future 2045 Congress comes in. This June, Itskov, along with leading scientists, robotics experts, and spiritual leaders, will gather at New York City’s Lincoln Center to pitch business and government leaders on the idea of neo-humanity. The hope is that his message will go over better than it did the first time.

Last summer, Itskov made headlines after writing a letter addressed to all 1,226 members of the Forbes World’s Billionaire’s list. “I urge you to take note of the vital importance of funding scientific development in the field of cybernetic immortality and the artificial body,” reads the letter. “Such research has the potential to free you, as well as the majority of all people on our planet, from disease, old age and even death.”

In retrospect, the letter may have been a mistake. Not a single billionaire publicly pitched a cent into the project. And it gave the 2045 Initiative an elitist tinge; cyborg immortality, it seemed, would only be for the rich.

This, says Itskov, is a misconception. The era of neo-humanity is for everyone, rich and poor alike. It will simply be the rich who have access to the life-altering technology first, as a reward for helping finance the mission.

Listening to Itskov tell it, you can’t help but feel that he genuinely, deeply, wants to make the world a better place. In fact, his decision to leave the soullessness of business was what led him to the Avatar project in the first place.

“My desire was to sell all my assets and go to work for the country,” says Itskov. “What would be more social than going to work for the country? But I was lucky enough to find another point to implement my energy. That time coincided with my interest in life extension, and my personal spiritual journey.”

dmitry itskov avatar

Now, I know what you might be thinking: How are we taking any of this seriously? Neo-humanism? Cyborgs? Holographic bodies? We can’t even make a smartphone that holds enough juice for more than a few hours of heavy use, and we’re talking about putting human consciousness into a machine?

The short answer is, yes. In fact, many of these technologies are further along than you might think. Scientists have successfully enabled monkeys to control robotic arms just by thinking. The U.S. military is toying with soldiers fighting wars with avatar robot soldiers. And we long ago figured out how to isolate a brain from the body, Itskov points out. Is it really so crazy to think that, after a few more decades of dedicated research, we can achieve something close to Itskov’s goal?

As far as Itskov is concerned, there is no question. “I have no doubts,” he says, “not even a small doubt that this is possible.”

For the skeptics amongst us, Itskov says it will simply take a combination of education and patience. “I think we should be very tolerant to those people,” he says. “Because today, they don’t want to live more, to live longer; they don’t want to be happy, they are full of criticism. But tomorrow, they will change their minds.”

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  1. don.govig 2 months Ago  
    where can i sign-up?????????////////// i have cancer and a new body free of illness would be a dream come true for me , and anyone else with a fatal illness////////////////////////////// so again wher do i sign -up????????????????////////////////////////
  2. Drazil Dragon 5 months Ago  
    there IS plans of more then Just human models right?
  3. 9 months Ago  
    Not only will this arise the question of, "How will this benefit humanity?" however, it ALSO arises the internal inquisitions associated with violence, free will and dishonesty. We are theorizing upon LIVING FOREVER, yet have many thought about the negativity associated along our route to "living forever"?
    1. well considering we have only experienced limited life on this planet so many years it's to say what humanities general take on it will be, personally I think little to change to our daily routine of self will be affected , much like the approach of death will still march on knowing what is (potentially) awaiting. we have been evolutionarily programmed to ignore those matters which impact our daily lives,such as the creation of our idea of god.
  4. Mr.RobertCostello 11 months Ago  
    If you don't want to live forever, then you obviously don't enjoy the little things in life. So go ahead and die, more resources for me. Cyborg body here I come.
  5. James Te Whau 12 months Ago  
    I can see other applications other than the escaping of death, an AE with Stephen Hawkins consciousness, of a family member who been in a coma for years, a child with motor neuron, or leukemia and so on and so forth. Now I realize that there will be a lot of negative feedback, however, if you don't like the technology or this concept, then simply don't use it, your choice. People spend money on far worse things than this field of technology,i.e. child sex slaves, narcotic distribution(world wide I might add), 30 million dollar mansions with only 2 or three occupants, oil guzzling machines that pollute the planet, you get the picture. As for me, plug me in, and load me up baby.
  6. 1howiehowe 1 year Ago  
    The intelligence of the lowly human brain loves to dream and illusionise things that are fiction . That can never be materialised without the knowledge of the Universal science of how the universe works. The Universal Law Dictates that All living things in the material dimension must wither and dicompose so that new life can make the cycle of creation rotate in a circle. The only way for a person to achieve the real type of physical immortality is to go into the process of moulding a new young body from the baby stage and to grow through the whole human life.
    Life span can then be controlled by intake of non cell destroying foods to make a few hundred years a possibility.These men with intelligence that cannot even make spacecraft to go to other galaxies in space are trying futilely to find the way to be immortal. That is really n example of how intelligent they are.They do not even know or care to research to believe that the soul(entity is the intelligence in a human body and not the brain Do you think that those who are immortal even consider you as an intelligent being when you speak about things in this manner.
    Do u think that they will give you the secret of how to be immortal when they can see that you are just coughing through your nose about things that you do not eevn understand .
    To search for the secret of immortality you must first possessthe secrets of using the forces of the universe in apply inthe material dimension like Edward Leedskalnin.,the man who use powers like the ones that were used to build the pyramids to build his Coral castle and Nikola Tesla who made and tested a super weapon that cause the Tunguska event Even if you possess these secrets,you are still far from understanding how to find the secret to how to create the process of keeping yourself immortal for lifetime after lifetimes with the knowledge and experiences of the same soul that you came into the material dimension with.It is amusing to see the pityful minds and intelligence of these _____. think and act the way the always do.
    Before they even learn how to stand up,they want to Fly !

    1. everything about this is just so wrong, I don't know where to start,which is why I won't please do your homework. we have been taking those first steps for over 30 years and this method is one of many that is proposed into being able to understand how to improve on our limitations. But I understand your opinion however misguided.
  7. william.kam.750 1 year Ago  
    Man tries to become gods but fails.
  8. bwallan 1 year Ago  
    This is the ultimate evolution of mankind! It is the only way we will fulfill our destiny.
  9. Migdalia Montana 1 year Ago  
    Why not start on a smaller scale make a fully functioning artificial heart that can last for more then a few weeks. It is much more practice to try and manufacture working organs and spinal reconstruction then an entire cybernetic body
    1. THAT, Migdalia Montana, science wont do. Which is a direct cause and effect of the supplies and demands within, but not limited to, the healthcare industry. The industry won't do that as it would NOT generate as much potential revenue as would a heart that only lasts for a couple years.
      1. well considering an artificial heart, from cells is just pointless when you can make one out of hardware that can perform much more efficiently ,in every respect...
  10. Will Ess 1 year Ago  
    Many, many petabytes.

    Solve that, and i'm in.
    1. solved : china did it :P
      also 40 petabyte machine is in the works
      welcome aboard :P
  11. Travis Mistaceo Conner 1 year Ago  
    Can you say!!! I,Robot and not Will Smith's Movie Either
  12. Tyrone Daniels 1 year Ago  
    Damn I mean no glasses
  13. Tyrone Daniels 1 year Ago  
  14. Ryan Gillespie 1 year Ago  
  15. Anthony Howard 1 year Ago  
    God wouldnt want us to destroy our bodies that he gave us to live for a little more years. Thats nuts if you dont have faith that God will promise ever lasting life.
    1. BS
    2. = think I'll stick to the laws we can observe thanks
      plus if god does exist, your idea of it is really misguided.
  16. Tfcreate Tfcreations 1 year Ago  
    Yep. We're doomed.
  17. Denis Loubet 1 year Ago  
    If the alternative is death, sign me up.
  18. Peter Parker 1 year Ago  
    DT asked about the power source which is a problem with every functioning design on the planet, but the man sounds so self-inspired.
    Maybe those that are sad is due to circumstances of what we call reality that bend our emotions and everything else involved endlessly. Plus the power source is a problem always.
  19. Tim AndGlenda Glover 1 year Ago  
    Why would you want to do that? I have enough aches and pains and Jesus has promiised me a NEW BODY!!!
    1. Good luck with that "promiise"!
  20. Jamil Benton 1 year Ago  
    Everybody wanna be the GOD as soon as the FBI let us know the aliens are watching us
    1. considering how god is infinite conciousness and 0 conciousness, it really is just impossible.
      however being given the means to improve ones self for a portion of eternity is a good start.
  21. Byron Frank 1 year Ago  
    I think that there is a catastrophic flaw with this idea. Our technologies concerning energy are all very far from being sufficiently developed to support his end goals. In addition to this someone or something would have to be around to do maintenance on the existing machines as they degrade over time. If this comes to fruition it would only be for a portion of society simply because it would be impossible to do otherwise. I think that the human controlling robots aspect is far more realistic than holographic bodies. I think that if we achieve immortality it won't be in this method.
    1. very true, I think a hybrid system is always the best route to go down. and in terms of energy supply, well human bodies ain't exactly efficient at generating it, or utilising it. holographic bodies does seem far reaching, although not 100% science fiction.
  22. Keith Halla 1 year Ago  
    This is some dangerous ground he's talking about venturing toward. It will be interesting to see what develops.
  23. David Arens 1 year Ago  
    I personally totally agree with his approach but the ethics needs to be discussed those who have immortality cannot be the leaders any more and should only be consultants and give up their wealth completely with maintenance given to them and recharging in the future free of charg made possible by a sustainable energy investment. At some point humanity will have to come to terms with our fragility and inefficient use of energy in regards to food production and use and life extension without quality. I don't want to live for ever personally within a few generations you will no longer know people intimately enough to share the deep and day to day struggles of the human shell you once were after a period of time the cyborg should become the servant of humanity in that a cyborg would go on missions for humanity where the shortness of the human life cycle does not permit the exposure to time the cyborg bodies can endure. Also psychological evaluation of cyborg goals and service to humanity should be evaluated . Living even longer than your natural body bears the burden of being above reproach ethically and socially for humanities well being
  24. bigdawg.wero 1 year Ago  
    if we do not evolve with technology we will soon find out that we would have no choice but to either freeze the advancement of technology to have a balanced playing field in both technology and human capabilities or be overpowered and overthrown by the more powerful and much ore smarter technology, to stay ahead of the game, just as we advance technology we must also advance the human body to the next level or face the cold truth that we in the other choice would have given all our rights of attorney to technology and would've basically have created a babysitter, a system that would be so smart it would control us and lead us and mold us to its own liking with the pretty but blinding picture of taking care of us. we must not let this happen.
  25. bigdawg.wero 1 year Ago  
    I believe he has a great idea, and his idea is a real answer to the future problems we will be facing, with technology advancing at never before seen speeds , humans are falling short of the capabilities that computers are able to do, and for now we are in control of the major part of technology and computer power, but soon very soon computers will be so fast so powerful that we will not be able to control their quantum mechanics and their variables let alone keep up with their speed, just five years ago a hard drive of 4 gigabytes was considered powerful, now what we consider powerful is a hard drive of a teraflop or information, that simply is speeds that human in the flesh can never achieve to control, as a matter of fact the computers that are that powerful are administered by a group of other computers because we as humans are unable to, so to keep up and not become slaves or insects in the conscious of computers we must become as powerful as computers, integrated with technology, we must all become administrators and creators of the new technologies, or we will simply fall behind as technology becomes aware and uses us as objectives.
    1. Technology doesn't have to mean being hardware based. I would just as much rather see technology help us clone people, grow organic replacements for our failing organs, or just reverse aging in general. Putting your thoughts into a computer/cyborg actually seems rather old-school to me. Why would I want to be a cyborg when I can look and feel 24 years old forever in my own body?

      1. You don't seem to understand my point,I know what you mean but the reality is that although sounds very enticing we humans with the limitations of the human body and the limitations of the human brain we will soon no longer be capable of directing the technology and all of its future ultra fast programs and ultra fast hardware,technology is evolving at super fast speeds that one day will become autonomous self aware, ever more complex programs that only other computers can understand, what if one day those computers decide that we can no longer be in control? look in simple words lets compare to an example, take a old computer that is ten years old and try to run a complex program from today, it simply wont have the capacity to run the program because the data will be too fast for its ram power and it would need too much storage for the old computing power of that computer, if we don't begin to research healthy ways to integrate with computers potential, that is exactly what will happen to us, we will become obsolete.

        at this point in time the human factor is very much needed by technology but with automatic manufacturing and search engines ever becoming more sophisticated technology with artificial intelligence will be able to research its own decisions and design and manufacture with limited human control, that's until the wall breaks down, and what can go wrong eventually will go wrong.
        1. The biggest flaw with your thinking is the assumption that the rate of technological advance (at least in computers) is speeding up when in actuality its slowing down. We hit a barrier several years ago which has yet to be surpassed. We can't get a single processor chip to run at more than about 4Ghz a second. There are also limitations to how small we can make said chip. In order to get around these issues companies have began expanding processing horizontally by adding more chips. There is a limit to how long we will be able to do this as well. Within say 10 years we will no longer be able to build faster processor clusters using this form. At a most basic level this issue has to do with silicone. It has physical limitations which prevent us from creating faster machines. Its physically impossible to continue on this medium for much longer. There are 2 potential technologies to continue onto being molecular processors and quantum processors. Each of these technologies is at least a decade away from being ready especially as no one is seriously working on them. In 10 years when silicone runs out they will probably begin to work on molecular processors. Within 5-10 years from then we will start seeing computers really take off again and probably within 10-30 years from then we will once again hit the barrier.

          Additionally there are two other issues. The creation of self aware machines is unlikely to occur before the molecular processor age but is most likely to occur on the quantum processor age or beyond. Although modern computers can do raw computational processing at speeds well beyond anything a human mind can they are completely incapable of doing anything new. Computers lack the ability to be random and the ability to be spontaneous. Even things like dice rolls in a computer are just mathematical calculations which simulate possibility. I would say we are no less than 50 years away from any computer even beginning to master these traits. The primary flaw with this idea is your overly exaggerated idea of what technology is capable of right now and in the near future.
          1. Perhaps you haven't heard of the new research advancements in nano-technology and its amazing capabilities? I advice you look that up,it will open your mind to the arriving future. It is inevitable,we can only postpone the fact that we will have to become integrated with computers but we can't avoid it or doge it, what you are saying is partially true, but for the most par t is in comparison as if you were saying that summer will not come soon. The technology already exists here in the present but the problems so far is the way of putting it all together and all the regulation of the government that like you as well is in denial.
            1. This man Dmitry Itskov can see it and billion dollar corporations see it, why cant you see it?
          2. errm I can buy a 5ghz cpu (per single 'chip' /core ) right now stick some water cooling on it and even over-clock it some more... for about £500
            researches in Australia have developed the first atom sized transistor and (easily making the ability to fit say all tunes that ever existed on you ipod possibly by 2020 ) and successfully predict the atoms movements making a accurate logic gate system..over a year ago.
            plus there's been work on accelerating light (you heard me) using combined wavelengths with certain algorithms - truly quantum computing - research beginning 3 years ago.

            ALso on the matter of artificial evolution
            why not a mix of bio and technological improvement, bodies that have significant lifespan etc, combined with a connection to external biological and other means of processing, effectively making the human body a proxy for of the 'brain' - (300 years or so I believe is the limit our current brains can take of information) your combined consciousness
            clone your body, install an uplink and replace aged parts biologically speaking, but when you have the ability to clone, losing one component to ageing that can be well, get the idea.
            1. You are right about the processor surpassing 4Ghz, it happened around 2012 (actually science probably took place within 3 years before that) using Resonant Clock Mesh. Still it took them what 5 years? 7 years or longer? My point was that every barrier they hit, and that will not be the last, will slow them down significantly.

              I can't find what your talking about with accelerating light so you will have to link me that one for me to believe it. (I can believe they are trying I don't believe they have or can succeed). The light thing is also irrelevant to computers. Even if it is happening that isn't quantum computing but it may fall under quantum mechanics. The two aren't the same although quantum computing requires certain principles of quantum mechanics to function.

              Quantum computing using principles of quantum mechanics in order to achieve states that you would think impossible such as having a computer value holding both the value of 0 and 1 in order to achieve faster computing. The process also takes place at a super small scale, the best so far being the use of 3 atoms to calculate 3x5=15.

              The Australian atom transistor does exist but you grossly overestimate where its actually at. They managed to make a single transistor and it took them 14 years to do so. They would need millions to billions more before they would have a ready processor unit which would only be a prototype. They aren't even sure if the phenomenon will work with more than one transistor. Even if it does they will still need to create a process to mass produce them and the prices will be astronomical. This is only one possible way to reach quantum computing and its at least 20 years away from being on shelves in stores if it even works out.

              On your artificial Now today we barely understand the functionality of the brain and many other organic functions are a mystery to us. Cloning is being worked on but is still a complete failure and doesn't function the way you seem to think it does. Even if cloning is perfected that would give us the ability to make a new the age of a baby. You would then also need age acceleration technology to make the body old enough to be compatible with a fully developed brain. Not to mention all the horrible moral complications involved (see the Island). We will see mechanical body parts of nearly flawless quality long before we see your artificial evolution.

              All of this technology may be possible and may someday exist but it is much further away then you seem to think it is. Doing these things sound quick and easy when you talk about it but it really boils down to decades of research by countless geniuses to make the slightest advances. This age of machine bodies and brain transference and such may happen but we probably won't be alive to see it. Same of living machines.
      2. you can´t feel 24 years old forever in your own body. lol that will be forever immposible dude. this body was created by higher beings and you can not make a ferrari from fiat
  26. Theo Pizza 1 year Ago  
    Of the people in this photo - who are The Final Five?
  27. menco106 1 year Ago  
    Look at those crazy Russians and their wizard. I think living 80 years is long enough, I wouldn't want to put up with the stresses of life for the rest of time only being able to have robot sex...weird.
  28. Tom Pajak 1 year Ago  
    I'd love to replace some of my body parts with arms..ya..that's it...
  29. Joseywales 1 year Ago  

    Sorry, I will take the easy way out. Cryogenically freeze my body, then transplant my brain into a newly made clone of myself. Sounds much simpler than transferring my brain and thoughts to a computer and a cyborg body. Silly rich Kids!

    1. Except that cryogenics doesn't work, and the expansion of water as it changes to ice destroys tissue and organs. Freezer burn ain’t cool on the brain. Well, it is cool, actually, but you get the idea.
      1. Wrong. Modern cryonic techniques replace nearly all of the water in your body with a liquid that doesn't crystalize at low temperatures - cellular damage is minimized and the body temperature can be lowered into the glass transition phase.
  30. crestfallen706 1 year Ago  
    sign me up :D
  31. The Bliminse 1 year Ago  
    How would this help humanity? To me it seems like one rich kid's dream because he fears death. Perhaps one day we will be able to stop ageing, but become "Cyborgs" is the worst option. Humans are amazing.. imagine never being able to taste, feel, experience life. As a cyborg you are nothing better then the last smartphone you replaced and as far as helping humanity we need more research into water filtration, air purification, waste management, renewable energy. Becoming a cyborg would just mean more landfills of tech and less fresh water for actual living creatures. Improving living cells is the future of evolution, not removing them.
    1. I too would be pretty nervous about being a cyborg. Actually tasting/touching and using your other senses seem so much more important than being a hologram. I think spending that money to find cures for disease, stop the aging process, etc would be more beneficial.

    2. who said we will never being able to taste etc. everything is in councessness. body is just a vehicle. what do you think will happen after you "die" ? the same thing he wants to prove
      1. Who says these future versions of transhumans would not be able to taste/feel etc? Why should they not be able to? Everything we experience even now is experienced through our brains/consciousness.
    3. Actually we humans lack the ability to sense more then we can compared to other animals in certain areas. Also, many humans may be born with senses not as refined as other humans, such as bad sight. So what about creating components that not only can enhance every sense we have, but enable senses we never could detect before. I don't know why everyone has to act like people interested in cybernetic bodies only care about "escaping death." It's more about enabling humans to exceed the bodies that limit us in many ways.
    4. first of all only the rich will have a cyborbody (if it will even be real)and the second not making us immortal but him and his co-billioners and some other powerfull guys.
  32. appletonjason 1 year Ago  
    This man is living my dream!!!!
    1. What do you mean? How is this your dream?

      1. I think everyone's dream is to become immortal.
        1. Not mine. Only narcissistic people that want to preserve their own twisted egos.

          1. Get off your moralistic high horse. The will to live is an evolutionary trait, and humans will naturally chase whatever they think can help let them live longer. In this case, humans can literally surpass death. Why not do this?
            1. I think deep down inside everyone wants to be immortal. Still, believing that this man will save us all from death is just wishful thinking. Sometimes when you want something so badly you just need to rely on yourself. Sitting there doing nothing waiting for the day you die, you don't deserve to be immortal. This man is living your dream? Oh please, you just remind me of one of those psychotic pageant mums living through their daughter.
  33. Bill Roberson 1 year Ago  

    Great article Andrew, I do believe these represent the next steps in human evolution. Greatly extended lifespans, if not some form of conscious immortality, is in humanity's future, facilitated by technology. I think it will be a requirement for interstellar travel. But who knows?

    Not sure if you've seen this but if not, it's quite good;